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Featuring 9 innovative components, WebEssentials lets you add breathtaking visual effects and unprecedented ease of use to your rich internet application.

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Leveraging latest web technologies and standards.
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What's New in WebEssentials 4

Power-packed with essential components for modern web development, WebEssentials 4 joined the UI revolution along with the rest of WebUI components released in 2017 release.

New Unified Modern Theme

Meet the all-new, gorgeous modern theme for WebEssentials. Right when you apply the new unified theme, your existing WebUI apps will never look the same way anymore. Every user interface element has been meticulously redesigned with natural colors, spacious layout, larger fonts and retina-sharp SVG icons.

The WebListBox now supports clean and professional look such as those featured in modern navigation apps, while WebSlidingMenu has been remodeled with iOS-style navigation menu.

In addition, WebRibbon has been reimagined with modern styles which is beautifully aligned with the entire WebUI unified visual semantics. All WebEssential components are now leveraging SVG icons for pixel-perfect and scalable design, taking web user interface to the next level.


WebAccordion is a collapsible content panel featuring a modern minimalist style and silky-smooth expand/collapse animation. With tight integration to the Visual Studio IDE, you can easily add new items and set their content directly, or use iframe mode to host external pages.


WebCalendar provides a fast, convenient way to navigate by date and select dates and date ranges with modern look and feel. You can also jump to specific year of your choice with built-in intuitive navigation.


WebExpander eases the burden of managing lengthy content by dividing it into multiple smaller sections. Use its customizable layout and diverse expansion modes to create a unique and personalized user experience.


Using text, images, or both, WebListBox unleashes your inner creativity, allowing you to build eye-popping vertical navigators. A rich set of predefined themes provides an endless variety of choices bound to suit every website.


Whether your preference is vertical or horizontal, WebProgressBar provides an elegant progress indicator for your Web application. Available in various rich Bootstrap-themed colors and animations, plug it in, and display progress bars in style.

Key Features

Explore WebEssentials features in depth.
Business-oriented ribbon with fluent experiences

Engineered with business-oriented design in mind, WebRibbon delivers a balanced combination of features and usability. It ships with must-have ribbon features such as application menu, tabs, groups and fluent resizing – while delivers great performance thanks to the small footprint. Learn more.

Stylish accordion control with various selectable styles

WebAccordion is no exception, allowing you to quickly and easily add a new accordion item and set its content from within in Visual Studio’s design environment. Learn more.

Windows 8-style calendar with built-in date range selection

Four date range highlight modes are available in Month View: Month, Week, Day, and Custom. For more advanced selection requirements, use Custom mode to define your own date range highlight rule. Learn more.

Interactive expand collapse control with dual expand modes

WebExpander lets you set the expansion to any of four directions, so you can always find the best fit to make maximum use of precious screen estate. Learn more.

Real-time and accurate progress indicator with rich features

The versatile WebProgressBar offers two progress update modes: Determinate and Indeterminate. In Determinate mode, progress is displayed using a 0 to 100% range. In Indeterminate mode, the indicator cycles continuously from start to end points. Learn more.

Interactive rating system with unlimited possible configurations

WebRating is a powerful and stylish addition to your blog or forum, or any Web application that requires an interactive user rating capability. WebRating lets you decide just how precisely your users can assign ratings with precision modes. Learn more.

Sophisticated list box with codeless data binding feature

Engineered to support the largest enterprise-scale Web applications, the Data Binding capability of WebListBox lets you easily connect to data tables using either traditional or data source control binding. Learn more.

Intuitive slider control with single and dual rails feature

When you need to provide input for a range of values, WebSlider’s ranged slider mode eliminates the need for two controls. Its dual handrails allow your users to quickly select a range by simply dragging the two rails to the start and end values. Learn more.

What's New

WebEssentials Components

All-new modern UI theme.

With full HTML5 and CSS3 support, all 15+ user interface components in the WebEssentials family are ready to sport Windows 8 style user experiences. The all-new modern UI design theme gives you a better option to align your application’s look and feel with the latest Microsoft’s user interface design.

Fluent ribbon experiences.

With full compliance to Office fluent specifications, WebRibbon allows you to organize commands based on their relevance and functionality into tabs and groups.

Intuitive navigation.

Truly intuitive navigation allows your users to quickly locate vital information hidden in mountains of data or to find that one critical web page among hundreds – or hundreds of thousands. Using text, images, or both, WebListBox unleashes your inner creativity, allowing you to build eye-popping vertical navigators.

Multipurpose container.

Whether you build social networking sites, wikis, blogs, or even Web-based business applications, make the most of precious screen real estate with WebAccordion and WebExpander.

Ingenious input.

WebCalendar provides a fast, convenient way to navigate by date and select dates and date ranges. The versatile WebSlider lets users interactively select a number or range of numbers. Add an engaging, high-precision rating system to your blog or forum with WebRating.

Explore WebEssentials in depth.

All WebEssentials components include full supports for client-side events and rich APIs. With impressive cross-browser support and full XHTML compliance, WebEssentials is the ultimate toolkit for creating truly interactive rich internet applications.

Pricing and Licensing

Find out the available pricing options for WebEssentials below.
Single Developer License
$ 499
Multipack 4 Developer License
$ 898
Multipack 8 Developer License
$ 1,796
Sitewide License
$ 4,490
Upgrade Single Developer License
$ 249
Upgrade Multipack 4 Developer License
$ 498
Upgrade Multipack 8 Developer License
$ 966
Upgrade Sitewide License
$ 2,490

Subscription license provides you with access to all new products for one year long without additional costs. Other great benefits include priority support, early access to beta products, and much more.

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Subscription is licensed per developer. For more information, refer to Intersoft Software License Agreement.

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