Adjustable orientation

Whether your preference is vertical or horizontal, WebProgressBar provides an elegant progress indicator for your Web application. Set to horizontal mode by default, simply change the Orientation property to choose your own direction – the progress indicator and caption are automatically adjusted to reflect the new setting. In horizontal mode, the progress indicator moves from left to right. In vertical mode, it moves from bottom to top.

Adjustable Orientation

Various progress modes

The versatile WebProgressBar offers two progress update modes: Determinate and Indeterminate. In Determinate mode, progress is displayed using a 0 to 100% range. In Indeterminate mode, the indicator cycles continuously from start to end points.

Various Progress Modes

An abundance of style

WebProgressBar offers four predefined styles: the sleek black and blue themes of Outlook 2007, a soothing olive green, and the ultra-modern Windows 7. Use the DefaultStyleMode property to switch between them, or use WebStyleManager to create your own.

An Abundance of Style

Realistically round corner rendering

The revolutionary WebProgressBar is the first progress display component to consistently render true rounded corners across all modern browsers. Using the CSS3 border radius property in non-IE browsers, and a custom mechanism for IE browsers, you can simply set the ProgressContainerBarStyle and ProgressBarStyle properties to reliably round corners.

An Abundance of Style

The API that puts you in charge

The client-side framework of WebProgressBar provides a consistent object model that supports both server-side and client-side development. A comprehensive client-side API puts you in complete control of runtime behavior. Client-side events give you the power to craft customized programmatic responses to a variety of user actions.

An Abundance of Style

The power of AutoPostBack

WebProgressBar fully supports client-server communication through the AutoPostBack property. An event can be raised when the progress reaches 100% or after a specific interval or time period, allowing you to perform any required server-side processing. Either FullPostBack or FlyPostBack can be selected through the PostBackMode property.

Complete HTML5 compliance

WebProgressBar fully complies with the W3C HTML5 standard, providing pixel-perfect rendering on any HTML5-ready browser.

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