A multi-talented listbox

Add a versatile, appealing listbox control to your web application with WebListBox. Flexible content modes support text, images, or both. A rich set of customizable properties gives you the power to create the perfect listbox control for your Rich Internet Application.

A Multi-Talented Listbox

Boundless data binding

Engineered to support the largest enterprise-scale Web applications, the Data Binding capability of WebListBox lets you easily connect to data tables using either traditional or data source control binding. Simple map a few properties to the corresponding data table fields and you’re ready to go. For simpler applications, use the Unbound Mode to specify item contents directly.

Control the scroll

WebListBox sets a new standard in list scrolling options with 3 distinct scroll modes. Scroller mode brings a modern look to WebListBox with back and forward controls located at the list top and bottom – scrolling occurs as users hover over the controls. Scrollbar mode offers the familiar effortless navigation of the standard vertical scrollbar. Scrolling is completely disabled when the mode is None – however, items that don’t fit in the listbox will be inaccessible.

Select one or many

A fully featured data input control, WebListBox supports both single and multiple selection modes. Single mode restricts users to selecting only a single item. Multiple mode supports complex multiple selections – users can select a range of items with just the mouse, or multiple items and ranges by combining the mouse with the CTRL and SHIFT keys.

The power of AutoPostBack

WebListBox fully supports client-server communication through the AutoPostBack property. When the currently selected item is changed, the OnSelectedItemChanged server-side event is raised, enabling you to obtain the selected item index and perform any required server-side processing. Either FullPostBack or FlyPostBack can be selected through the PostBackMode property.

Two controls in one

In addition to its formidable data entry capabilities, the WebListBox can serve as an innovative navigation control. Simply assign a URL to an item and specify the target – when the item is clicked the assigned URL will be opened in a new window or the specified IFrame.

Customization at all levels

The thoughtfully designed object model at the core of WebListBox combines the convenience of easily applied system-wide styles with the precision control of individual property customization. Use a global style to quickly change the overall appearance, or fine-tune individual settings to precisely match the existing appearance of your application.

Find your style

Quickly apply any of the predefined styles to match WebListBox to your Web application. There are 5 modern themes to choose from, ranging from classic minimalist to the translucent glassy Windows 7.

Find Your Style

Full keyboard support

In addition to the mouse, the keyboard can be used to select items. When the EnableKeyboardSupport property is set to True, users can simply move through the items using up and down arrow keys – items will be automatically selected as they are encountered.

Complete HTML5 compliance

WebListBox fully complies with the W3C HTML5 standard, providing pixel-perfect rendering on any HTML5-ready browser.

The API that puts you in charge

The client-side framework of WebListBox provides a consistent object model that supports both server-side and client-side development. A comprehensive client-side API puts you in complete control of runtime behavior. Easily set initial selected items, read the current selection, and much, much more. Client-side events give you the power to craft customized programmatic responses when users expand or collapse items.

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