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ASP.NET Edition
SL and WPF Edition
Mobile Edition
Premier Edition

ASP.NET lineups

40+ advanced ASP.NET Components, which also includes award-wining WebGrid Enterprise™.

Silverlight and WPF lineups

360 Silverlight 4, Silverlight 5, and WPF 4 controls with extended Visual Studio 2012 and Blend 5 support.

Mobile lineups

Essential framework for cross-platform mobile application development. Supported platforms include Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Windows Store.

Support response time

The maximum time for prompt support response via Intersoft Community.

1 x 24 hours

1 x 24 hours

1 x 24 hours

1 x 24 hours

Service packs and hotfixes

Downloadable monthly hotfixes via Intersoft Update Manager.

Access to Intersoft Developer Network

Free access to Intersoft Developer Network for forum, support, product feedback and more.

Free product updates and new products

Get the latest products or the next version for free within active subscription period.


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US$ 1,499

US$ 1,299

US$ 999

US$ 1,999

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