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Delightful Apps.

Building mobile apps that works "right" require a large amount of effort. Building mobile apps that delight users can take months every years, if not designed with high consideration.

At Intersoft Solutions, we put enormous amount of attention in crafting apps that are highly functional and enjoyable to use, while achieving the designated business goals with elegance.

Cross-platform Native Apps.

You've heard this a lot. Native apps. Yes, we designed our apps that works with native performance that works exceptionally well in all environments. Especially the ones with low signals.

Building on top of our highly-acclaimed Crosslight framework, we build cross-platform apps effortlessly, targeting iOS, Android, and Windows platforms with a single codebase.

Every little detail. Thoughtfully designed.

We don't just develop and build apps. We craft apps. In order to truly provide users with great experience, every single little detail in the application must be considered. High-res quality artworks, vivid and elegant colors, beautiful animation and presentation styles, strong app branding. All of these, when combined, will provide users with a truly one of a kind experience that they will enjoy.

Develop with Agility.

At Intersoft Solutions, we use very sophisticated collaboration platform and framework, allowing all divisions of the projects to collaborate in the same context. This allows us to work systematically and professionally, starting from idea generation, maintaining backlogs, sprint execution, including collaboration with users and delivery. You will be a part of it as well.

All-around Integration.

Our mobile servers are highly compatible with any .NET-based services, or any web services, so you can rest assured that integration between existing systems and the new mobile infrastructure are as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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