Adjustable orientation and direction

WebRating is a powerful and stylish addition to your blog or forum, or any Web application that requires an interactive user rating capability. An adjustable orientation allows you to position it either horizontally or vertically – the rating direction is automatically matched to the selected orientation. This versatile component even lets you control the rating direction through the IsReverse property. The flexibility of WebRating offers limitless possibilities in a small package.

Adjustable Orientation

High-precision rating made easy

WebRating lets you decide just how precisely your users can assign ratings with 3 precision modes: Whole, Half, and Exact Position. In Whole mode, clicking any part of a star will select the entire star. In Half mode, clicking on the first half of a star results in a half-star rating. In the high-precision Exact Position mode, the rating value is determined by the exact location of the click within the star.

High-Precision Rating Made Easy

The API that puts you in charge

The client-side framework of WebRating provides a consistent object model that supports both server-side and client-side development. A comprehensive client-side API puts you in complete control of runtime behavior. Client-side events give you the power to craft customized programmatic responses to a variety of user actions.

The API That Puts You in Charge

An abundance of style

WebRating offers four predefined styles: the sleek black and blue themes of Outlook 2007, a soothing olive green, and the ultra-modern Windows 7. Use the DefaultStyleMode property to switch between them, or use WebStyleManager to create your own.

An Abundance of Style

Quick customization

Easily configure WebRating to your precise preferences in less than a minute through the MinimumValue, MaximumValue, Value, and ItemCount properties. Set the total number of available stars with ItemCount, and the low and high rating values with MinimumValue and MaximumValue. The user rating is returned in the Value property.

The power of AutoPostBack

WebRating fully supports client-server communication through the AutoPostBack property. A client-side OnClick event can be raised just before postback, allowing you to perform any required client-side processing. Either FullPostBack or FlyPostBack mode can be selected through the PostBackMode property.

Complete HTML5 compliance

WebRating fully complies with the W3C HTML5 standard, providing pixel-perfect rendering on any HTML5-ready browser.

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