The most advanced tree view component for ASP.NET.

WebTreeView enables you to easily create a hierarchical data presentation. It incorporates numerous unique features which will benefit the developers in creating a powerful data hierarchical presentation, window-to-window navigation and structural navigation.

Key Technologies

Leveraging latest web technologies and standards.
Modern Design
Browsers Support

What's New in WebTreeView 2

WebTreeView 2 combines already powerful hierarchical data functionality with the new WebUI unified theme – perfect for today's modern web applications. Every glyph and control resource have been updated with SVG icons for the sharpest, pixel-perfect presentation on any screen resolutions. Joining the rest of WebUI members in this release, WebTreeView 2 comes with improved performance, stability and reliability as well as support for latest browsers.

New Unified Modern Theme

Meet the all-new, gorgeous modern theme for WebTreeView. Right when you apply the new unified theme, your existing WebUI apps will never look the same way anymore. Every user interface element has been meticulously redesigned with natural colors, spacious layout, larger fonts and retina-sharp SVG icons.

Unified Theming Support

WebTreeView has been significantly enhanced to fully support unified theming capability introduced in WebUI Framework 4. Inline styles are removed in favor of HTML5 and CSS3-compliant styles, instance-level styles and default stylesheets are stripped out to improve page loading times

New Unified Modern Theme

Every single component consisted in WebTreeView are now redesigned with unified modern theme that matches the new design language in this release. Whether you’re using WebTextEditor with spell checking feature, mail merge, or just simple text editing, it’s now an all-around unified experience.

Key Features

Explore WebTreeView features in depth.
Industry's best tree features

One of the most popular uses of treeview controls is in the organization of bookmarks for navigation. WebTreeView users can also clearly and swiftly browse the most complex data structure. Learn more.

Tristate checkbox

Tristate checkboxes support three visual states: checked, indeterminate, and unchecked. Most often used to indicate that not all child nodes are in the same state, review the Visual Studio installation wizard’s multiple-component selection to experience a TriState checkbox. Learn more.

Advanced load-on-demand

Using Intersoft's advanced Load-on-Demand technology, WebTreeView renders child nodes only when a parent node is expanded. This reduces traffic between client and server by fetching only the data currently required, resulting in more robust and responsive Web 2.0 applications. Learn more.

Vista-style drag-and-drop node manipulation

With its rock solid drag-and-drop support, WebTreeView enables your users to drag a node and drop it onto another one regardless of the structure. With full hierarchical support, dragged parent nodes retain all levels of child nodes as well. Learn more.

Rich node editing

WebTreeView nodes can be added, deleted, and edited at runtime. Each feature is controlled by its own property, allowing you to decide what changes users are permitted to make. The comprehensive client-side API enables you to create a customized node editing experience, and to take complete control over postback of changed data. Learn more.

Codeless data binding support

Quickly bind a WebTreeView control to an XML stream or Site Map. Using the centralized Data Binding Editor, you can bind it to any previously created XMLDataSource or SiteMapDataSource in just a few clicks. Learn more.

Keyboard navigation

WebTreeView enhances your application’s interactivity with full support for both mouse and keyboard commands while navigating and editing. Learn more.

Comprehensive client-side programmability

The robust and comprehensive WebTreeView client-side APIs make customization a breeze. Quickly locate desired nodes by path, checked state, or selected state. With comprehensive in seconds. Learn more.

All-new modern UI theme.

WebTreeView receives new look and feel on its UI elements, which completely get revamped to match the Modern user experience.

The next generation treeview.

WebTreeView offers an unsurpassed treeview control for ASP.NET with a myriad of advanced capabilities, unsurpassed performance and reliability, and highly flexible customization and styling. Learn more.

Built for performance.

Using Intersoft's advanced Load-on-Demand technology, WebTreeView is a perfect match for web applications of any size from small personal applications to large-scale enterprise data centers. Learn more.

Vista-style drag and drop.

A truly standout feature of WebTreeView is the built-in drag-and-drop capability. Faithfully reproducing Vista behaviors, it lets you give your users more than simple hierarchical navigation. Learn more.

Flexible checkboxes.

An exclusive Intersoft innovation, WebTreeView offers both the standard checkbox and the unique TriState checkbox. Learn more.

Rich node editing.

With a comprehensive Client API, editing a node in WebTreeView couldn't be easier. Simply call a method, passing along the required parameters. Whether you want to add a new root node, a new parent node, or a child node, WebTreeView does it all. Learn more.

Comprehensive client API.

WebTreeView offers unmatched developer flexibility. Follow your own creative instincts and create the treeview control of your dreams. The rock-solid Client API gives you the power to do more, control more, and tweak more than ever before. Learn more.

WebTreeView in action.

WebTreeView saves your valuable time with codeless databinding. You can easily connect WebTreeView to an XML or Sitemap data source in mere seconds. Explore WebTreeView in depth.

Pricing and Licensing

Find out the available pricing options for WebTreeView below.
Single Developer License
$ 389
Multipack 4 Developer License
$ 778
Multipack 8 Developer License
$ 1,556
Sitewide License
$ 3,890

Subscription license provides you with access to all new products for one year long without additional costs. Other great benefits include priority support, early access to beta products, and much more.

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