Easy data binding

Use the intuitive Wizard to connect WebSlidingMenu items to your existing XML documents with ease. For more granular customization, the powerful Data Binding Editor lets you take complete control of data binding properties. Together, these features provide the ideal combination of rapid development and tight data access control.

Powerful load-on-demand

Enterprise-scale applications demand superior performance. The innovative Load-on-Demand support in WebSlidingMenu meets this challenge by intelligently pre-loading child content, delivering blindingly fast menu rendering regardless of data size and complexity.

Powerful Load-on-Demand

Comprehensive content support

Support for a diverse range of content makes WebSlidingMenu a uniquely versatile menu system, enabling you to add just about anything to menu items. Use the Text property to create text-only items, or add HTML objects and server-side controls using Inline mode for richer information presentation. You can even host external pages through the ContentURL property in IFrame mode.

High-Precision Rating Made Easy

Rich header content support

Create more appealing menu headers with WebSlidingMenu’s support for inline header content templates. This innovative feature lets you use text, images, and even HTML and server-side controls as content for menu headers.

An Abundance of Style

Automatic height adjustment

If the heights of your menu items vary, just set the AutoHeight property to true and let WebSlidingMenu automatically determine their height based on the content.

The API That Puts You in Charge

An abundance of style

WebSlidingMenu offers four predefined styles: the sleek black and blue themes of Outlook 2007, a soothing olive green, and the ultra-modern Windows 7. Use the DefaultStyleMode property to switch between them, or use WebStyleManager to create your own.

Easy Data Binding

The API that puts you in charge

The client-side framework of WebSlidingMenu provides a consistent object model that supports both server-side and client-side development. A comprehensive client-side API puts you in complete control of runtime behavior. Client-side events give you the power to craft customized programmatic responses to a variety of user actions.

Easy Data Binding

Limitless layout possibilities

Change the height of all menu items with a single setting, or set custom heights for individual items. Easily customize the header height, the Next and Previous button graphics, and even control appearances through a custom CSS class. Whatever the visual needs of your application, the hundreds of detailed customization combinations supported by WebSlidingMenu give you the power to make the perfect match, every time.

Complete HTML5 compliance

WebSlidingMenu fully complies with the W3C HTML5 standard, providing pixel-perfect rendering on any HTML5-ready browser.

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