The all-season slider

With its fully customizable orientation and slide direction, WebSlider makes it a breeze to add a unique slider input control, tailored precisely to your application’s needs. Choose a horizontal or vertical orientation, and the slide direction is automatically adjusted to match. Additional configuration options let you quickly give your users the power and convenience of slider-based input.

The All-Season Slider

A multitude of modes

Because no two input scenarios are exactly alike, WebSlider provides 3 easily selectable slider modes. The None mode offers a clean, uncomplicated slider control with no labels. Resembling a classic thermometer scale, the increments in Tick mode are displayed as minor and major step values. The customizable granularity of Item mode lets you define your own scale, giving you complete control over the step values.

A Multitude of Modes

Complete item customization

In addition to the direction and values, WebSlider puts you in total control of the incremental value labels – display them to the left, right, or both sides of the scale, and they will automatically adjust to the orientation and slider direction settings.

Complete Item Customization

Two sliders in one

When you need to provide input for a range of values, WebSlider’s ranged slider mode eliminates the need for two controls. Its dual handrails allow your users to quickly select a range by simply dragging the two rails to the start and end values. The ingenious Interaction Mode feature even lets you control how the two rails interact. In Locked mode, further movement is disabled when one rail contacts the other. Pushed mode enables the selected rail to push the other as it is moved.

Two Sliders in One

An abundance of style

WebSlider offers four predefined styles: the sleek black and blue themes of Outlook 2007, a soothing olive green, and the ultra-modern Windows 7. Use the DefaultStyleMode property to switch between them, or use WebStyleManager to create your own.

An Abundance of Style

The API that puts you in charge

The client-side framework of WebSlider provides a consistent object model that supports both server-side and client-side development. A comprehensive client-side API puts you in complete control of runtime behavior. Client-side events give you the power to craft customized programmatic responses to a variety of user actions.

An Abundance of Style

Complete HTML5 compliance

WebSlider fully complies with the W3C HTML5 standard, providing pixel-perfect rendering on any HTML5-ready browser.

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