The industry's most advanced scheduling component.

WebScheduler is designed for ease-of-use and out-of-the-box scheduling experience, yet providing advanced level of customization and innovative features. It allows you to build professional calendaring and scheduling application with very minimal efforts and time.

Key Technologies

Leveraging latest web technologies and standards.
Modern Design
Browsers Support

What's New in WebScheduler 5

WebScheduler 5 is the most significant release since its inception, featuring a completely re-engineered user interface for the most sophisticated scheduling experience. Over hundreds of elements and interaction styles – from the header, toolbar, events to callout and editing form – have been redesigned with clean and spacious layout, and modern appearance.

New Unified Modern Theme

Meet the all-new, gorgeous modern theme for WebScheduler. Right when you apply the new unified theme, your existing WebUI apps will never look the same way anymore. Every user interface element has been meticulously redesigned with natural colors, spacious layout, larger fonts and retina-sharp SVG icons.

Building on the state-of-the-art WebUI modern theme, every scheduler view now leverages SVG icons for the most sharp, pixel-identical interface. A new version of editing form is also available which leverages HTML5, Bootstrap, and WebUI modern theme, which provides an ultimate editing experience

Unified Theming Support

WebScheduler has been significantly enhanced to fully support unified theming capability introduced in WebUI Framework 4. Inline styles are removed in favor of HTML5 and CSS3-compliant styles, instance-level styles and default stylesheets are stripped out to improve page loading times

New Scheduling Experience

The new WebScheduler is completely redesigned from the bottom-up with modern and clean user interface, taking scheduling experience to a whole new level. Building on the WebUI unified theming, WebScheduler's new modern theme leverages the popular CSS framework, Bootstrap.

Unlike previous versions, WebScheduler automatically uses shared/common styles when the unified theming feature is enabled. When the common styles are modified, WebScheduler and the other WebUI components that present similar semantic will be automatically updated.

Redesigned Editing Form

The new WebScheduler editing experience is now thoroughly enhanced with a new editing experience. Notice the modal dialog box containing the form now looks sleeker than ever. The entire set of icons are now displayed using SVG to ensure maximum consistency across various screen sizes.

Improved Performance

In previous versions, when the page containing WebScheduler has a lot of stylesheet classes, interaction such as cell selection will become slower as more stylesheets are included.

This release includes major re-engineering to the interaction core, resulting in real-time interaction regardless of the stylesheet size. This improvement is critical in creating responsive user experience for large-scale WebUI application.

Latest Browser Support

WebScheduler is now improved and optimized for the following modern browsers: Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Safari 9.0, Chrome 47 and Firefox 42.

Key Features

Explore WebScheduler features in depth.
Enterprise-ready scheduling component

WebScheduler delivers best in breed scheduling and calendar features – ultra-fast performance, smart rendering, flexible time interval and time disabling futures, comprehensive HTML5 support, new visual themes, and more. Learn more.

Turbo-charged scheduling performance

Built for speed, WebScheduler handles data virtually in real-time. Dazzle users with its hyper-fast data loading and smooth rendering. Impress them with its powerful JSON technology, state-of-the-art client paging features, smart script modularization, and overall usability. Learn more.

Powerful client paging capability

Quadruple your scheduling performance with the robust Client Paging. It significantly improves page response by cleverly detecting the number of events to render. If it exceeds the specified property, some events will be hidden – resulting in tremendously faster data rendering. Learn more.

Flexible time intervals and visible hours

WebScheduler is the most advanced scheduling solution with the friendliest interface. Users can adjust the time interval independently of the current active view and Visible Hour lets you specify the start and the end of a day for singular customization. Learn more.

Innovative disabled time

Control time. Disabled time limits event manipulation by disabling a portion of a specified time. Set a few properties and all related features smartly adjust behaviours for the disabled time. Learn more.

Up-to 8 views for convenient data viewing experience

Unlike traditional schedulers which offer limited views, WebScheduler sets a new standard with up-to 8 views for the best data viewing experience. Let end user switch between different views – making the most of their data. Learn more.

Compare events side-by-side with TrueSplitView

No matter how many events you have, WebScheduler helps you understand them better. Introducing TrueSplitView™, you can easily compare your event side-by-side per resources. It’s fast, simple, and easy. Learn more.

Improved timeline view

WebScheduler improved timeline view offers truly unique features: real-time editing, direct data exporting, drill down to six levels and much more. Data hounds will appreciate their new found deep dive capabilities. Learn more.

Daylight Saving Time (DST) support.

WebScheduler adds a better support for Daylight Saving Time in this version. By default, it will automatically detect the DateTime settings in the server and apply when it's needed. You can simply apply this new WebScheduler's assemblies to your project without any additional settings.

All-new modern UI theme.

WebScheduler UI elements completely get revamped to match the Modern user experience, such as the addition of the accent-colored element, redesigned layout, and all-new icon set that conform to the Modern user interface standards. WebScheduler’s new faces now have much cleaner look from the tabs, calendar, to every grid lines and event.

The next level performance.

The incredible data transmission speed is one of the main reasons why people love and choose WebScheduler the most. Now, enhanced with JSON server-side response technology, powerful client paging, and script modularization, it’s even swifter and nimbler – so you can deliver the best scheduling experience ever.

Smart rendering engine.

The new WebScheduler’s rendering engine, Client Paging, smartly detects which events should be rendered and which should be hidden. It’s an elegant solution to the scalability issue that results in improved rendering for superior response time. Learn more.

Sophisticated scheduling experience.

Thoughtfully designed for the utmost ease of use, WebScheduler combines an unsurpassed user experience with stunning visuals to create the ultimate web scheduling application. Featuring comprehensive XHTML support, new visual themes, elegant Google-style callouts, and multiple cell selections and more, WebScheduler lets your users master complex scheduling tasks in a click.
Learn more.

Gantt-style view with data drilling engine.

WebScheduler includes the unique TimelineView™, an innovative feature that displays events in a Gantt-style interface with six levels of drill-down, built-in data exporting capability, and many advanced configurations. Learn more.

Highly extensible editing form.

Take complete control of the WebScheduler editor and customize it to precisely match your application needs. An Open Architecture design lets you easily customize the styles, appearance, and layout of the Edit Form. With full access to the Edit Form object model, you can easily add custom fields and change control behavior. Learn more.

Synchronize data effortlessly.

How long would it take with your current scheduler to break down a significant and complex project, add it to the team schedule with appropriate deadlines for each team member, and synchronize it with each member’s Microsoft Outlook® 2007? With WebScheduler, you’d be done by the time you finish reading this page.
Learn more.

Explore WebScheduler in depth.

A true developer's dream, WebScheduler contains all the power needed to handle the largest data sets, yet accesses them with incredible ease.

Pricing and Licensing

Find out the available pricing options for WebScheduler below.
Single Developer License
$ 599
Multipack 4 Developer License
$ 1,198
Multipack 8 Developer License
$ 2,396
Sitewide License
$ 5,990
Upgrade Single Developer License
$ 399
Upgrade Multipack 4 Developer License
$ 798
Upgrade Multipack 8 Developer License
$ 1,596
Upgrade Sitewide License
$ 3,990

Subscription license provides you with access to all new products for one year long without additional costs. Other great benefits include priority support, early access to beta products, and much more.

Need help deciding which subscription you should purchase? Please visit compare Intersoft Studio subscriptions page, or chat with us for volume licensing, competitive upgrade offers, and other sales inquiries.

Subscription is licensed per developer. For more information, refer to Intersoft Software License Agreement.

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