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Industry's best combo box features

WebCombo delivers the most advanced combo-box in the industry with dozens of innovative features, such as auto-complete, type-ahead searching, multiple columns, strong keyboard support and more. Learn more.

Dynamically add item in runtime mode

WebCombo is more than just a data selection component. It also includes advanced features such as capability to add item dynamically when the input doesn’t exist in the database. This feature is done without page refresh for the best experience. Learn more.

Rich user experience

WebCombo is not just designed with sleek user interface and visual styles. It’s designed with rich user experience in mind by taking account every detail such as focus and lost focus behavior, asynchronous loading experience, and more. Learn more.

Link multiple WebCombo instances

Rapid link two or more WebCombos with minimal client-side scripting. Linked WebCombos can operate in single dependency mode, multiple dependency mode, combined dependency mode, and unbound mode. Learn more.

Innovative multiple selection

With some simple property sets, let your end user enjoy intuitive multiple selection similar to Microsoft Outlook or simply switch to the classic checkbox-type multiple selection. Learn more.

Future-proof combo box with advanced client binding technology

WebCombo takes performance to the next level with the advanced client-binding technology. It outperforms any traditional server-bindings by 3 times with 40% less data footprint. And best of all, it works with every data source and service. You can hook it to your access datasource control, SQL database, and even modern cloud-based data service. Learn more.

Comprehensive client-side API

Made for developers, WebCombo provides vast array of client side APIs for unlimited configuration. Let your creativity runs and create your custom WebCombo behavior to support your business process. Learn more.

Wide cross-browser support

Get outstanding combo box capability with WebCombo. Enhanced to support modern browsers, your end user can work conveniently from their preferred browsers and platforms. Learn more.

Lightweight, HTML5-ready combo box.

In addition to its elegant visual styles, WebCombo has been revamped to produce less data footprint – making your page load even faster. It has also been designed to fully support HTML5 doctype without losing any features. Learn more.

Real drop down box with floating style

Unlike the standard ASP.NET drop down box or other similar products, WebCombo offers an unique drop down mode which displays the result box accurately even if it is outside the area of the applications’s screen estate. Learn more.

Multiple column support

WebCombo provides native multiple column support to enable you to display more information in your result list. Native support means that you can enable multiple columns with some property sets. Learn more.

Unique data entry mode

Unlike traditional textbox with limited capabilities, WebCombo goes beyond with advanced data entry features. Offering various data entry modes such as auto complete and InstantLookup™ – working with data has never been so easy. Learn more.

Flexible text box mode

WebCombo lets you select the most suitable behavior for your web applications – choose between standard ASP.NET drop-down list or WebCombo-style which combines data filtering and standard ASP.NET drop down capability Learn more.

Highly customizable searching logic

Enjoy convenient data searching with WebCombo. With its superior performance and built-in searching logic, you can deliver an exceptional, powerful combo box for various application scenarios. Learn more.

Better integration with other Intersoft components

One of the unique features in WebCombo is the seamless integration with other Intersoft components, such as: the award winning data grid and the industry-leading tree view controls. Enjoy the unlimited potential with the flawless integration. Learn more.

Unique load-on-demand mechanism

In addition to automatic data retrieval mode, WebCombo also provides robust architecture that enables you to load data on demand based on the requested view. The result is excellent performance and more responsive user experience. Learn more.

Built-in fast AJAX functionality (OnTheFlyPostBack™)

Powered by Intersoft's proprietary OnTheFlyPostBack technology, WebCombo provides robust and responsive data fetching and processing with minimal client resource usage, making it ideal for large data usage, typical in any enterprise web-applications. Learn more.

Microsoft SharePoint Portal support

Built to support the latest Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal, WebCombo works flawlessly with Sharepoint Designer as well as the runtime environment. Let your end user experience the equally rich experience as in the ASP.NET environment. Learn more.

Codeless data binding

Free yourself from repetitive manual connection string building and data querying. The new WebCombo offers codeless data binding process to shorten your development time. Learn more.

Finish your job faster

Use the intuitive Component Designer and easy-to-access SmartTag to get your job done faster while enjoying maximum productivity Learn more.

Works in unbound mode

WebCombo fully supports unbound mode, which enables you to easily add new rows through Component Designer or dynamically create it in runtime. Learn more.

Hyper fast data retrieval with LINQ-to-SQL technology

Enjoy ultra fast data retrieval with WebCombo. Optimized for both speed and performance by supporting the latest LINQ-to-SQL technology, WebCombo delivers data twice faster than any competing products, especially when dealing with millions of rows. Learn more.

Unique data caching mechanism

Optimized to eliminate memory leak and lowest resources usage, WebCombo reduces the server workload and gets faster response with the enhanced caching implementation. Learn more.

Easy styling, round corner and elegant animation

WebCombo is unique in its elegant styling with visually appealing round corner. Its smooth animation uses very minimal resources consumption for the best performance. Learn more.

Default style merging

Slim down WebCombo’s output with Default Style feature drawn from a single global style sheet instead of CSS. This technique shrink page sizes by up to 70%, greatly reducing page load times. The new improvement enables developer to perform additional visual customization while maintaining the Default Style. This provides limitless of customization while keeping it light-weight. Learn more. Learn more.

Vista style image animation

Enjoy modern glass style design with WebCombo. With the improved rendering technology and engaging visual animation, WebCombo delivers sleek, Vista-style look and feel to your application. Learn more.

Customizable visual elements

WebCombo provides high customizability to its entire visual interface and elements. With centralized settings, you can transform the default style to match your Web application’s theme. Learn more.

Rich design-time experience

Thanks to the user-friendly and streamlined Component Designer, you can quickly configure WebCombo to achieve your desired scenarios without have to write codes. Learn more.

Elegant styles with stunning animation

With the new rendering engine, WebCombo delivers unparalleled user experience. Glacial style with true round corner rendering, quadratic sliding animation with elegant blue theme makes WebCombo perfectly suitable for modern Web applications. Learn more.

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