TrueShape™ Corner Rendering

Unlike the traditional bitmap-based approach to rounded corners, WebCombo employs an advanced rendering technique which enables true round corner rendering. Based on Intersoft’s proprietary TrueShape™ rendering framework, its sophisticated drawing algorithms enable it to create gracefully rounded corners regardless of the size required.

True Shape Corner Rendering
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Standout visual appeal

With its sleek user interface, carefully selected color scheme, and clean, elegant look and feel, WebCombo is simply one of the most beautiful combobox components in the industry. Its fresh appearance is inspired in part by Windows Vista, ensuring that WebCombo controls create a familiar, consistent user experience throughout your applications.

Standout Visual Appeal

Smaller faster pages with default styles

For optimal performance with no coding, WebCombo provides a default style that requires only setting a single property. Because the Default Style is drawn from a single global style sheet, no CSS is required to style WebCombo controls. This alone can shrink page sizes by up to 70%, greatly reducing page load times.

Smaller Faster Pages With Default

Stunning sliding animation

Similar to Vista-style combobox animation, the quadratic sliding animation of WebCombo sets it apart from other combobox components. Easily enabled by setting EnableSlidingAnimation to True, the animation plays whenever the dropdown box is shown, whether through direct click or auto-complete.

Stunning Sliding Animation

Smarter layout

More than just a pretty face, WebCombo has the smarts to help you at design time, and your users at run time. With intelligent features like automated positioning and sizing, and auto-ellipsis with full content tooltips for overflow text, WebCombo lets you and your users focus on getting the job done.

Smarter Layout

Customized styles

Component Designer organizes all WebCombo features in a centralized, easy to use layout manager. Choose from a variety of predefined styles with a single click. Globally control all WebCombo appearances from a single CSS class. Save and re-use your layouts as XML files. Designed for novice and expert alike, the Component Designer is simple enough to support completely non-technical designers, yet has the power and flexibility needed to handle the most demanding development tasks.

Default style merging NEW

The latest enhancement adds more customization on Default Style feature. Previously, any modification on WebCombo style will cause WebCombo to lose its default style. The new improvement enables developer to perform unlimited customization while still maintains the default style.

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