Multi Columns Search

In addition to the DataTextField column, user searches can be extended to include columns named in the AdditionalSearchField property. This unique feature gives you granular control over the selection of columns included in searches, allowing you to create a customized search, tailored to an individual column layout.

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Minimum character request

Minimum Character Request

By setting a value for MinCharsToRequest, you can determine how many characters must be entered before auto-complete will make a data request. This not only reduces the number of data requests made, but also decreases their size by narrowing the scope of matching data.

Wild card searches

Smaller Faster Pages With Default

By default, WebCombo supports the standard combobox search method, in which characters are compared only in the same positions, so that a search for “ab” will match “abc” but not match “cab.” But WebCombo doesn’t stop there – by enabling AllowWildCardSearch, you can allow users to perform wild card searches, returning items which contain the search target regardless of the match location.

Entry mode

Entry mode

WebCombo provides three distinct entry modes: default, auto complete, and instant lookup. In default entry mode, the result box is always displayed once the user enters a character. Auto complete entry mode offers the same behavior as default, but with text auto completion and selection of the first matching item in the results. Instant lookup entry mode optimizes performance and entry speed by validating the entry only when the user finishes editing. The result box only displays if the input data does not have a perfect match in the database.

Textbox mode

Textbox mode

WebCombo gives you the freedom to set the textbox mode to editable or read-only. In editable mode, users can type in the combobox and use the result box to make a selection. In read-only mode, the text box is locked, and users can only select an item from the result box, much like the ASP.NET dropdown box.

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