Advanced User Interaction

Improved user interaction

In addition to the many visual and performance enhancements introduced in latest version , WebCombo now features substantially improved user interactivity. Key behaviors of the WebCombo control offer increased levels of responsiveness, including focus and lost focus event handling, data entry, asynchronous loading, dropdown button single and double click, and many others. Intersoft is committed to ensuring your users will have the best possible experience at all times when using the WebCombo control.

Link WebCombo

Linked WebCombos

Rapid link two or more WebCombos with minimal client-side scripting. Linked WebCombos can operate in single dependency mode, multiple dependency mode, combined dependency mode, and unbound mode. Linking WebCombos is as easy as setting a few properties in the LinkSettings section of the Component Designer.

Multiple selections


The WebCombo provides two unique and convenient ways to make multiple selections. When item checkboxes are used, the contents of the textbox are automatically synchronized with the currently checked items in the dropdown – as items are checked or unchecked, the textbox is updated accordingly. When item checkboxes are not used, items are appended to the contents of the textbox as they are selected, using the delimiter you define.

Dynamically added items

WebCombo gives you complete control over new item addition. Add items explicitly or automatically in the background, without postback.

Dynamically Added Items
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