Integration With Other Intersoft Products

Integration with WebTreeView

When you require input from hierarchical or grouped data, we all know you can’t use a combobox, as it is unable to support the required formatting. That is, unless it’s the versatile WebCombo, which allows the easy integration of WebTreeView. That’s right – an entire WebTreeView, with complete node expand and collapse functionality, embedded directly into the dropdown. With full support for scrolling, images, and visual styles, text from the selected node is delivered to the WebCombo's text box.

Integration With WebTreeView

Integration with WebContextMenu

Instead of presenting users with a single long list of choices, WebCombo’s tight integration with WebContextMenu enables you to format those lists into easily navigated hierarchical menu structures. The result is a smoother data entry experience, allowing users to quickly make selections from a well organized list structure.

Integration With WebContextMenu
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