Basic Treeview Features

Node expand and collapse

WebTreeView users can clearly and swiftly browse the most complex data structures. With its support for an unlimited number of nodes, full keyboard control, and unique sliding animation, WebTreeView provides an unparalleled user experience.

Node Expand Collapse

Professional styles

Modern enterprise web applications demand modern styling. WebTreeView provides a rich variety of built-in styles to choose from. Inspired by such well know themes as XP, Vista, and Outlook, install your preferred style with a single click.

Professional Styles

Slash development time

Configure WebTreeView properties in a few clicks through either the SmartTag or Component Designer. Located on the top right corner of the control, the SmartTag gives you instant access to essential features, such as data source selection, basic WebTreeView features, styles, and more. For other tasks, the Component Designer offers a complete list of properties grouped by category, as well as a centralized data binding configuration window.

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