Node Manipulation Interaction

Vista-style drag-and-drop

With its rock solid drag-and-drop support, WebTreeView enables your users to drag a node and drop it onto another one regardless of the structure. With full hierarchical support, dragged parent nodes retain all levels of child nodes as well. This powerhouse capability covers a wide variety of scenarios, including: drag-and-drop between WebTreeViews, multiple nodes, auto postback, and more. See for yourself – explore the interactive demo now.

Vista Style DragDrop

Node editing

WebTreeView nodes can be added, deleted, and edited at runtime. Each feature is controlled by its own property, allowing you to decide what changes users are permitted to make. The comprehensive client-side API enables you to create a customized node editing experience, and to take complete control over postback of changed data. Explore the live demo to see this feature in action.

Node Editing

Automatically select node on expand collapse

When set, this feature allows the autoselection of nodes when expanding or collapsing the node.

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