Performance Improvements

The new WebScheduler is all about speed and tearing through massive loads of data in a single sprint. Completely finely tuned to display large datasets without significant performance loss, WebScheduler offers a rich scheduling solution with great scalability and extensibility.

Key performance improvements include:

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Performance Improvements

TimelineView™ improvement

WebScheduler takes the performance in Timeline view to the next level by introducing an advanced paging mechanism. Thanks to the innovative ViewPort™ paging technology, the Timeline view is now displays up to several thousands of events in a fraction of second, which significantly increases responsiveness and delivers a superior user experience.

TimelineView™ Improvement

Data rendering

The rendering process in WebScheduler has been further optimized to meet the highest performance standards. Combined with the new client paging feature, WebScheduler performs 4x faster over its previous version. Client paging displays a specific amount of data initially and loads the rest when users demand it for an efficient use of resources and screen real estate.

Data Rendering

Data transfer

WebScheduler incorporates JSON technology to reduce the amount of data being transferred on each AJAX callback, making the data transfer faster and more efficient. The overall performance is improved by 50% – 70% with the new EnableFastJsonSerialization feature.

Script modularization

WebScheduler now loads 2x faster with improved script modularization. When certain views or features are disabled, WebScheduler automatically excludes all scripts associated to those features, reducing the time and resources required to instantiate the WebScheduler control.

Server paging

Designed as an enterprise-ready scheduling component, WebScheduler provides an option to control the data retrieval mechanism. Server Paging is an innovative feature built to eliminate sluggish performance due to large data download in Timeline view mode. With server paging, WebScheduler downloads only a small chunk of data based on the viewport during initial load and intelligently requests more data as users scroll downward. This translates to reduced page load time and increased overall application responsiveness.

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