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Configurable calendar behaviors and visual elements.

The calendar is integrated into the scheduler naturally, but that doesn’t limit its rich customization. You can easily add a holiday marker in the calendar, display informative tooltip when a date is hovered, and many more. Learn more.

Highly customizable appearances and styles

Despite of its state-of-the-art user interface, WebScheduler offers all properties you need to customize the style and appearances to meet your overall theme. This enables you to deliver a complete scheduling solution which integrates professionally into your overall web application’s theme. Learn more.

Built-in resources management

Resources can be seen as a group which divides a set of events. It enables end users to see all events from related resources only. WebScheduler offers the complete resources management in the editing form. It lets end users to add, edit, or even delete a resource without leaving the current scheduler view. Learn more.

New client-side events and APIs

Its massive collection of client-side events and APIs provides granular control over WebScheduler’s look-and-feel. Powerful, yet simple to learn and use, implement your own logic within minutes. Learn more.

Localization friendly to support any .NET cultures

WebScheduler is the perfect scheduling solution for everyone. Supporting all .NET native localization, you can switch WebScheduler to specific culture immediately. All textual elements, such as the calendar, and date time format will be adjusted to the selected culture. Learn more.

Enterprise-ready scheduling component

WebScheduler delivers best in breed scheduling and calendar features – ultra-fast performance, smart rendering, flexible time interval and time disabling futures, comprehensive HTML5 support, new visual themes, and more. Learn more.

Synchronize to Outlook 2007 through iCal format

WebScheduler includes built-in iCal exporting feature that enable end user to effortlessly transfer their events from web-based WebScheduler to Microsoft Outook 2007. Learn more.

Export your calendar to PDF format

Save your calendar events to PDF format for easy sharing or offline review. WebScheduler provides built-in PDF exporting for the most convenience way to view files. Learn more.

Instant data updates with RealTimeOperation™

Enjoy real-time data editing experience without annoying page refresh. Thanks to RealTimeOperation™, this unique technology takes data editing experience to a new level. Learn more.

Blazing fast performance with TripleLoad™ technology

WebScheduler invented TripleLoad™, a key technology in the component that accelerates the data retrieval process to boost response time. As a result, end user can enjoy smooth and highly responsive user experience during navigation and interaction. Learn more.

Elegant declarative, two-way data binding with flexible database structure

WebScheduler is the industry’s first scheduling component that allows you to bind scheduling data to your database schema without any restrictions. Coupled with ISDataSource, it enables you to bind multiple tables in a single encapsulation, which dramatically reduces development and time to market. Learn more.

Up-to 8 views for convenient data viewing experience

Unlike traditional schedulers which offer limited views, WebScheduler sets a new standard with up-to 8 views for the best data viewing experience. Let end user switch between different views – making the most of their data. Learn more.

Convenient one-click view switching

With up-to 8 built-in views, end users can switch between these views back and forth conveniently. Developers also have the flexibility to drop certain views in property set. Learn more.

Compare events side-by-side with TrueSplitView

No matter how many events you have, WebScheduler helps you understand them better. Introducing TrueSplitView™, you can easily compare your event side-by-side per resources. It’s fast, simple, and easy. Learn more.

Unprecedented ease of use with innovative multiple selection

WebScheduler is powered with over hundreds of advanced features that you’ll need to build rich and interactive scheduling application. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend hours to learn it. In fact, you can get started and build amazing Scheduling application in the fraction of single drag and drop. Learn more.

State-of-the-art user interfaces

With top-notch rendering technology, WebScheduler comes with various visually aesthetic rendering that takes account every detail for the most demanding Web 2.0 applications. Complemented with various new visual themes, WebScheduler is a true design masterpiece. Learn more.

Improved timeline view

WebScheduler improved timeline view offers truly unique features: real-time editing, direct data exporting, drill down to six levels and much more. Data hounds will appreciate their new found deep dive capabilities. Learn more.

Time-saving SQL Wizard

WebScheduler 3 introduces WebScheduler Database Wizard, an automatic database creation tool. Simply specify the SQL Server and database names, and the wizard automatically generates the database and its whole structure. Then bind the newly created data to a WebScheduler instance. Completely eliminate database creation issues from your development checklist. Learn more.

Highly extensible editing form with “Open Architecture” object model

One of the key features in WebScheduler is its highly extensible editing form. Built on “Open Architecture” object model, it enables you to build your own custom editing form from scratch or extend the rich built-in editing form for significant time saving. Learn more.

Powerful client paging capability

Quadruple your scheduling performance with the robust Client Paging. It significantly improves page response by cleverly detecting the number of events to render. If it exceeds the specified property, some events will be hidden – resulting in tremendously faster data rendering. Learn more.

Flexible time intervals and visible hours

WebScheduler is the most advanced scheduling solution with the friendliest interface. Users can adjust the time interval independently of the current active view and Visible Hour lets you specify the start and the end of a day for singular customization. Learn more.

Innovative disabled time

Control time. Disabled time limits event manipulation by disabling a portion of a specified time. Set a few properties and all related features smartly adjust behaviours for the disabled time. Learn more.

Supports latest technologies: Visual Studio, ASP.NET AJAX, and more

Supporting Microsoft’s latest web technology, WebScheduler enables you to add scheduling functionality to your existing project. Integrated into Visual Studio IDE, simply drag an instance to your existing web page and configure it via the user friendly Component Designer. Learn more.

Comprehensive HTML5 support

Pixel-perfect rendering in all major browsers. WebScheduler allows you to build your business applications on top of traditional HTML or modern HTML5 and let users run it on their browser of choice. Nothing could be more flexible. Learn more.

Wide cross-browser support

Get outstanding scheduling, calendaring, and planning capabilities with WebScheduler. Enhanced to support up-to 5 modern browsers, your end user can work conveniently from their preferred browsers and platforms. Learn more.

Turbo-charged scheduling performance

Built for speed, WebScheduler handles data virtually in real-time. Dazzle users with its hyper-fast data loading and smooth rendering. Impress them with its powerful JSON technology, state-of-the-art client paging features, smart script modularization, and overall usability. Learn more.

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