Powerful TimelineView™

TimelineView™ is an innovative feature that displays events in a Gantt-style interface with six level drill-down. Listing Resources in rows and time in columns, this feature is especially useful for building Enterprise Resources Planning applications that require advanced planning and projection capabilities.

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Powerful TimelineView

Real time operation editing

WebScheduler adds numerous enhancements to its powerful Real Time Operation technology, such as optimized data editing and improved transaction performance. These enhancements enable partial rendering in Timeline view. Only the affected events are updated, minimizing the time and overhead during data updates.

Highly configurable calendar

Quarter mode

Quarterly reports are the bugaboo of many a manager. Ease their pain with the new quarter view in WebScheduler. Resource planning, quarterly reports, and so much more becomes so much simpler.

Quarter Mode View

Date header options

Timeline view is a flexible feature for displaying multiple progressive events and keeping track of detailed schedules with zooming capability. WebScheduler eliminates the loss of zoom control in horizontal scrolling with a new property: KeepHeaderVisible. When enabled, the date header position will be displayed in a fixed position – enabling users to scroll all the way to the right while keeping the zoom button on their sight. Six date header modes are introduced to provide further customization and personalization.

Date Header Options

Zoom in contextual menus

Zoom-in Context Menu

WebScheduler supports Timeline’s zoom feature. In addition to the default zoom buttons on the date header, user can now access zoom functions through a contextual menu.

Timeline exporting

WebScheduler’s exceptional exporting feature lets you easily disseminate your information in PDF format or sync group calendars to every team member's Microsoft Outlook. WebScheduler improves its exporting functionality to support Timeline view. This comprehensive exporting covers all Timeline View modes, such as Day15Minutes, DayHourly, Week, Month, and Quarter.

TimelineView™ Exporting

Timeline eporting customization

Exporting timelines can be a tricky and time consuming business. WebScheduler advanced customization delivers granular control to simplify and ease exporting woes. For example, let’s say we have 30 columns in Timeline Month view. While this won’t be any problem when viewed in WebScheduler, exporting it will be a problem due to the paper size required. To address this issue, WebScheduler allows developer to manually alter the column’s length.

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