The industry's superior data input with advanced input formatting, masking, highlighting in one box.

WebInput is a rich, multi purpose data input component for ASP.NET web development. Featuring all-new modern UI Theme, rich drop-down editors, built-in validators, masked input, quick data selection, linked WebInput, Full HTML5 and CSS3 support and over hundreds of powerful input features.

Key Technologies

Leveraging latest web technologies and standards.
Modern Design
Browsers Support

What's New in WebInput 5

Completely redesigned with the new modern theme, WebInput 5 offers ultimate data entry functionality from simple input to advanced masked input. Every little detail of the input element has been revamped to match the latest presentation trends conforming to modern web standards.

New Unified Modern Theme

Meet the all-new, gorgeous modern theme for WebInput. Right when you apply the new unified theme, your existing WebUI apps will never look the same way anymore. Every user interface element has been meticulously redesigned with natural colors, spacious layout, larger fonts and retina-sharp SVG icons.

Calendar Editor

Calendar Editor provides a feature that allows users to easily populate a date value through a beautiful, built-in contextual popup box.

Calculator Editor

With full keyboard support, the Calculator Editor allows user to perform quick calculations in a stylish popup that consists a set of intuitively-sized keys.

Size Class

The new and improved WebInput will always fit into your existing business applications with new flexible size classes.

Contextual Classes

Bootstrap-inspired color palettes provides useful information for the user on the validity of the input values.


The watermark text allows for a clearer form entry with placeholder instructions. The icons are now in SVG, meaning that no matter what your screen sizes are, WebInput will always look super sharp.


WebInput supports masking which allows for custom format entry. The evenly-spaced paddings between the container and the text makes up for neater web forms.

Key Features

Explore WebInput features in depth.
Industry's best input features

WebInput will easily meet the most demanding input and validation challenges. With a wide range of advanced features such as single and multi-line modes, mandatory entry, masked, numeric, and DateTime input modes, and auto-case conversion, this sleek and stylish component offers the ultimate combination of design time simplicity and run time performance. Learn more.

Multiple date selectors

Link 2 WebInputs for easy date selection. When connected, one WebInput is the start time and one is the end time. When a user selects the end date from the dropdown editor, only the date greater than the start date renders. The built-in validation ensures a valid date range. Learn more.

Practical date range selection

Make your customer's lives easier with the quick date range selection feature. Use the visual indicator to choose a predefined date range selection or the developer’s custom duration. Combined with the linked WebInput, this practical feature intelligently populates both WebInput values with the chosen date range. Learn more.

Advanced functions in one box: date time, numeric, masked input

Most data entry requirements that widely used in a Web 2.0 application are delivered right in one box. WebInput provides you with date and time input, numeric input, alphabetic input, currency input, as well as the custom masked input. Learn more.

Rich editing experience

Featuring built-in drop down editors such as calendar and calendar, WebInput sets back how data editing suppose to be: Fast, easy, accurate. The result is high quality input and reduced errors. Learn more.

Advanced keyboard support

It's undeniable that data entry is faster with keyboard rather than any other devices. WebInput implements comprehensive keyboard support so that you can use your keyboard to navigate from one WebInput to another one, open and select an item in the drop down editor, and more. Learn more.

Strong localization capability, supporting over 27 cultures

Supporting up-to 27 cultures currently, WebInput is rigorously designed to work flawlessly regardless of the selected culture. All WebInput key features such as masking, formatting and validation work in concert with any of these supported cultures. Learn more.

Watermarked input.

WebInput comes up with its new watermark feature, enabling user to get information of the selected input textbox. With its beautiful light shading style, WebInput again brings you to a new level of user experiences.

All-new modern UI Theme.

With full HTML5 and CSS3 support, WebInput has redesigned with new faces on its datetime calendar and calculator. The elements fully support Windows 8 style, which allows you to align your application’s look and feel with the latest Microsoft’s user interface design.

The fastest way to input date ranges.

WebInput provides the sleekest, fastest date range input in the industry. It makes a repetitive, time-consuming task seamless and effortless. Learn more.

Three advanced features in one component.

All-in-one components reduce costs while enhancing productivity. With WebInput, you get three advanced input controls in one: Date/Time, Numeric, and Masked. Learn more.

Accelerate development.

Improve your productivity and deliver software ahead of time with WebInput. Adding text input fields is a breeze with the step-by-step wizard and Component Designer 2.0. Access to hundreds of properties is only a single click away, making setup fast and easy. Learn more.

Rich editing experience.

With its beautifully ren dered styles and advanced features, WebInput provides a rich editing experience for your users while ensuring that your application receives error-free, high quality input. Two unique dropdown editors, calendar and calculator, help you ensure only clean data gets through. Learn more.

Full integration with Intersoft components.

Use WebInput as a standalone component or integrate it into other Intersoft components. Set just a single property to integrate WebGrid Enterprise and to start using the rich capabilities of WebGrid's custom editor instantly. Learn more.

Optimize for global clients.

Painlessly bridge cultural divides and language barriers with full support for .NET localization. WebInput provides automatic localization from one drop down editor to change and numeric, currency, and date time formats instantly. Learn more.

WebInput in action.

WebInput is more than just another newcomer in ASP.NET textbox arena. A versatile and powerful web textbox, it comes packed with innovations such as single and multi-line modes, mandatory entry, masked, numeric and datetime input modes, auto-case conversion and more.

Pricing and Licensing

Find out the available pricing options for WebInput below.
Single Developer License
$ 329
Multipack 4 Developer License
$ 658
Multipack 8 Developer License
$ 1,316
Sitewide License
$ 3,290
Upgrade Single Developer License
$ 129
Upgrade Multipack 4 Developer License
$ 258
Upgrade Multipack 8 Developer License
$ 516
Upgrade Sitewide License
$ 1,290

Subscription license provides you with access to all new products for one year long without additional costs. Other great benefits include priority support, early access to beta products, and much more.

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