Superior Data Input Capabilities

WebInput will easily meet the most demanding input and validation challenges. With a wide range of advanced features such as single and multi-line modes, mandatory entry, masked, numeric, and DateTime input modes, and auto-case conversion, this sleek and stylish component offers the ultimate combination of design time simplicity and run time performance.

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Superior DataInput Capabilities

Linked date input NEW

WebInput now supports a linking feature that allows you to easily link two WebInput controls for date range selection. Enable the link and WebInput automatically assigns the linked WebInput control as the end date, which should have a greater value then the start date. This time-saving feature also includes automatic validation for both the start and end date for consistently valid ranges

Quick Date Range Selection

Quick date range selection NEW

WebInput also sports Quick Date Selection, a new user interface feature that allows users to easily populate a date value through a built-in contextual popup. This feature supports both single and linked WebInput. When used along with Linked WebInput, this feature intelligently populates both WebInput values with the chosen date range.

Built-in data formatting

WebInput uses accepted .NET formatting conventions, and conforms to standard features such as format expression, validation, separator and standard format. Text is formatted and validated according to the expression in the DisplayFormat property. WebInput offers an expansive four types of data formatting modes: basic, display, edit, and display and edit. In basic mode, no formatting is applied. In display mode , the text entered by the user is formatted before being displayed. In edit mode, text is masked, validated and formatted as it is entered, so that both the display text and the edit text are the same. In display and edit mode, the display text is the validated and formatted text, while the edit text is the masked, validated and formatted text. View the interactive demos to the different modes in action.

Built-in data formatting

Built-in data validation

Data validation in WebInput is an integral part of the formatting and masking processes. No validation is performed in the Basic entry mode. In formatted display and edit modes, input is validated according to the format specified in DisplayFormat and EditFormat properties.

Built-in data validation
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