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WebGrid delivers over 80+ innovative features, including direct printing support, search data by text, new clipboard copying modes, new Javascript APIs, auto-adjusting column width, Batch Update, full HTML5 and CSS3 compliance, more.

Key Technologies

Leveraging latest web technologies and standards.
Modern Design
Browsers Support

What's New in WebGrid Enterprise 10

The industry's best enterprise data grid meets supercharged performance and a refreshed new look. Building on its advanced functionalities, WebGrid 10 leverages the latest web technologies and front-end trends optimized for modern browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Edge.

New Unified Modern Theme

Meet the all-new, gorgeous modern theme for WebGrid. Right when you apply the new unified theme, your existing WebUI apps will never look the same way anymore. Every user interface element has been meticulously redesigned with natural colors, spacious layout, larger fonts and retina-sharp SVG icons.

At A Glance

WebGrid has been significantly enhanced to fully support unified theming capability introduced in WebUI Framework 4. Inline styles are removed in favor of HTML5 and CSS3-compliant styles, instance-level styles and default stylesheets are stripped out to improve page loading times.


Every user interface element has been improved when working with hierarchical data structure to make the most sense out of your complex data.

Batch Update

The Batch Update dialog box has been thoroughly refined and updated to match the aesthetics of the modern web applications.

Pivot Chart

The Pivot Chart is thoroughly enhanced to display your data in a more intuitive presentation style.


The built-in editors for WebGrid are now more accurately positioned to the cell's edge, taking account the intricate highlighted borders and shadow.

Column Set

The new modern aesthetics also work seamlessly and flawlessly with complex ColumnSets to fully cater enterprise-grade data and business scenarios.

ColumnSet Designer

WebGrid 10 now brings ColumnSet Designer to the WebGrid component editor for Visual Studio 2012 or higher which works perfectly with high-resolution displays.

Improved User Experience

In addition to many runtime enhancements, WebGrid 10 also includes a redesigned filter bar that is more responsive and works identically across major modern browsers.

Key Features

Explore WebGrid features in depth.
Revolutionary data editing experience with batch update support

The most advanced data editing technology, SmartBatchUpdate, enabling end-user to perform add, edit and delete records entirely in client-side - makes data entry faster and more intuitive than ever. Comes with rich user interface such as changes indicator, callout notification, review changes and more – you can build rich web application with revolutionary data editing capability. Learn more.

Sophisticated data presentation

WebGrid is carefully crafted from the ground up, taking account important user interactions as well as developer-friendly APIs. Featuring auto-resizing column width, exact value copy, intuitive searching by text, direct printing support, easy-to-use JavaScript APIs, WebGrid makes data manipulation and interaction a breeze. Learn more.

Instant physical database update

SmartBatchUpdate™ is an advanced data editing feature which requires no advanced knowledge to implement. Featuring automatic data update supporting various data source, WebGrid intelligently tracks all pending changes and automatically save it to physical database. All you need to do is simply enabling the features with some property sets. Learn more.

Hyper-responsive client-side binding

WebGrid is geared toward the future-proof Web technologies such as cloud computing, offline application and SaaS. With elegant client-side binding architecture, you can now build highly responsive web application with over 90% lower data footprint. That translates to 10x faster performance compared to traditional server-side binding. Learn more.

Powerful virtual group paging

Don’t let poor performance restrain your rich business Web applications especially when dealing with millions of data. Extending on the powerful VirtualLoad™ paging technology, WebGrid introduces group row paging and preload group totals capability which enables users to work with large data groups efficiently. Learn more.

Beautiful, inside and out

WebGrid's external beauty is now graced with new themes in modern glass Win7, elegant black, or sophisticated steel. Keep reading to find out about its powerful inside. Learn more.

Enrich your data editing experience

Data editing is the most fundamental requirement of any data grid. Intersoft never takes this for granted and continually enhances WebGrid’s editing capabilities. Our latest addition bundles Custom Editor Pack, adding more options to the custom editor library. You can easily embed Vista-style calendars into WebTextEditor for richer text editing. Learn more.

Intuitive Explorer-style column action

Windows 8-style column action shortens the access to several common WebGrid features such as sorting and grouping. When user hovers through a column header, the clickable visual indicator will appear. Even better, the Vista-style is also customizable. This means you can control what you want to show in the column action UI. Learn more.

Unprecedented user experience.

Captivating style, a user-friendly interface, powerful performance, and swift data handling are packed into the all new WebGrid. With new visual UI themes, column action UI, a Windows 7-style calendar editor, WebTextEditor integration, and much more to provide a user experience of unprecedented excellence. Learn more.

Data editing, redefined.

SmartBatchUpdate creates a revolution in data editing for modern enterprise applications. Unlike other data editing solutions, SmartBatchUpdate gives users control over updates to the physical database. This powerful and intuitive component also features a pending changes mechanism to notify user of changes made, cascading edit to perform editing in various table levels, automatic change preservation, and more. Learn more.

Add offline capabilities with hyper-fast performance client binding.

With the groundbreaking Client Binding architecture of WebGrid, you can create offline-capable web applications that can take advantage of cutting-edge Web technologies like cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS). When operating in client-binding mode, WebGrid returns raw data in JSON format which dramatically reduces data footprint size by over 90%. Learn more.

Seamlessly connect data.

Optimized to support all .NET compliant datasource controls, and with exclusive support for ISDataSource, WebGrid connects to your datasources with ease. The configuration wizard makes hierarchical databinding and connection setup a snap. Learn more.

Save your precious time.

Designed with developers in mind, WebGrid not only offers advanced features, but maximizes your productivity as well. With the brand new Component Designer 2.0, you can simply drag and drop an instance of WebGrid, set a few properties in the designer window, and you’re done. Learn more.

Explore WebGrid in depth.

Learn how WebGrid takes advantage of the latest technology to ensure that your data driven applications are always stable and reliable. Keep your applications and your users on the cutting edge with confidence.

Pricing and Licensing

Find out the available pricing options for WebGrid below.
Single Developer License
$ 799
Multipack 4 Developer License
$ 1,598
Multipack 8 Developer License
$ 3,196
Sitewide License
$ 7,990
Upgrade Single Developer License
$ 399
Upgrade Multipack 4 Developer License
$ 798
Upgrade Multipack 8 Developer License
$ 1,596
Upgrade Sitewide License
$ 3,990

Subscription license provides you with access to all new products for one year long without additional costs. Other great benefits include priority support, early access to beta products, and much more.

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