New Visual UI Themes

Thanks to WebGrid's DefaultStyle architecture, applying the new theme can be done as easy as one property set. The new themes are available as new options in DefaultStyleMode property in the new WebGrid control, accessible via the enhanced Component Designer 2.

Each visual theme is designed with high quality graphics and balanced color scheme. In addition to the main WebGrid interface, the theme also covers all aspects of WebGrid user interface elements, including context menu, pivot charting interface, ribbon, buttons, status bar and more

Bold black theme
Cool silver theme
Windows 7 theme
Live Demo

Column action

New in WebGrid is the Column Action, a new user interface feature that displays contextual column actions through a visual hint that automatically appear when users hover on a column – making it even easier and faster for users to access all column-related commands. Try the live demo

WebGrid also supports column action customization for more advanced scenarios, such as adding new commands or displaying predefined filter menus, similar to Windows Explorer. Use the client-side event OnColumnAction for this function.

Windows 7-style Column Action UI

WebTextEditor custom editor

WebGrid now supports an integrated WebTextEditor, enabling users to leverage the powerful and advanced editing capabilities of WebTextEditor with the convenience of one-click inline editing. Try the live demo

WebTextEditor Custom Editor

WebTextEditor is Intersoft's flagship rich editing component for ASP.NET and delivers innovative editing features, high performance, and full cross-browser support. Key features include a natural user interface with integrated spellchecker, real-time uploader, and built-in media gallery. Click here to learn more.

Note: WebTextEditor is a standalone server-side component and requires separate licensing. For more information about WebTextEditor licensing, please initiate Live chat with us. .

Windows 7-style calendar custom editor

WebCalendar’s custom editor offers the look and feel of Windows 7 for the easiest date navigation available to .NET developers. Unlike the built-in Calendar, WebCalendar is far more robust and versatile with lightweight component design and minimalist visuals.

WebGrid automatically adds client resource references to WebScheduler_Calendar, several images and style resources. But make sure that WebScheduler’s resource files have been added to your project. Try the live demo

Vista-style Calendar Custom Editor

Improved designer

In addition to the impressive UI themes and many new runtime features, WebGrid's Designer makes it even easier to work with its new features.

Styles selection
Style Selection in Component Designer 2

Easily select a style with the revamped Styles Designer. The Styles Designer now displays all available styles in a visually appealing interface.

Custom editor selection
Custom Editor Selector in Component Designer 2

Along with new Custom Editors, the WebGrid Designer puts custom editing at the ready. Select the server-side editor and the designer automatically pushes only the available controls for that editor type.

Context menu customization

WebGrid now supports customization for all contextual menu elements, including headers and exporting – giving developers the utmost flexibility to create speedy, easy-to-use applications.

Use the new OnColumnContextMenu for client-side contextual menus. For more information on the event arguments, see New Client Events.

The menu below illustrates a Google Maps option in a WebGrid contextual menu.

Customized Column Header's Context Menu

New client-side events

This release features more extensibility and greater control over WebGrid’s functions and behaviors with more client-side events. For example: the OnExportContextMenu client-side event lets you invoked when the export contextual menu displays. The OnBatchUpdateError is invoked when one or more records fail to update during a batch update. This allows you to implement custom processing on the failed records.

New Client-side Events

Advanced column filter

Since its initial release, WebGrid has provided predefined filter types that lets users easily perform filters from the WebGrid user interface. Some of the supported predefined filters are greater than or equal to, greater than, equal to, like, between, empty, null , and more. Try the live demo

Often times, the predefined filter isn’t sufficient to meet more complex requirements that involve multiple expressions in a column. WebGrid introduces an advanced column filter that enables developers to write their own expressions per column.

The advanced filter expression must be compatible with ADO.NET Expression. Furthermore, the advanced expression text will not be displayed in the WebGrid user interface. Some scenarios where advanced filter can be useful are predefined filtering from custom context menu interface or custom filtering from column action interface.

Advanced Column Filter

Comprehensive HTML5 support

HTML5 is the latest standard for all web documents – defining on how web page content should be rendered. As it’s becoming the standard in building Web-based applications, including enterprise Web-based applications. WebGrid Enterprise continues to support all prevalent Web standards such as HTML5. This new release supports pixel-perfect rendering for HTML5 files.

HTML5 Support
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