Runtime Column Freezing

Runtime column freezing

WebGrid includes LiveFreeze™ technology, enabling users to lock the position of one column while continuing to scroll others. Operating in real-time with no postback, this feature seamlessly integrates with all existing WebGrid functions and FlyPostBack (AJAX) actions such as Grouping, Sorting, and Filtering.

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Increased data browsing power with AbsoluteScrolling™

With AbsoluteScrolling™ enabled, WebGrid will automatically adjust the viewport to the next available column when the left and right arrows of horizontal scrollbars are clicked. Patterned after the scrolling behavior of Microsoft Excel®, users may quickly move between columns with minimal effort.

Intelligent keyboard navigation in LiveFreeze™ mode

The Tab and Shift-Tab keys can be used to move between columns, even when columns are locked and AbsoluteScrolling™ is enabled. Fluid movement between columns smoothly carries the user from one edit focus to the next, making even the largest of tables a joy to edit.

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