Codeless Data Binding

Code-free data binding via ASP.NET datasource control support

WebGrid has been optimized for declarative .NET data source control binding. With speedy set up wizards, you can perform codeless data binding in just four clicks. Simply pull out the Smart Tag and select the new data source to begin configuring your database.


ISDataSource support

WebGrid is the first data-aware user interface toolset to introduce a ready-to-run hierarchical datasource control. It enables you to easily connect the WebGrid control to a relational dataset without any coding for enhanced productivity.

ISDataSource Supports

Codeless WebValueList data binding

WebGrid provides an easy way for developers to connect their database to applications. Understanding that not all data is created equally, WebGrid allows granular databinding, including down to the data column's value list with our famous one-click interface.

Codeless Web Value List

Declarative and native data binding to LINQ

WebGrid now fully supports the new LINQ (Language Integrated Query) feature introduced in .NET Framework — LinqDataSource control and native LINQ — for better control over your datasource. Whether you choose the strongly-typed LINQ or Dynamic LINQ in .NET Framework, WebGrid will hook your datasource up. WebGrid is also enhanced to take full advantage of the cutting-edge LINQ to SQL technology.

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