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Also, how can we get the wrap panel affect as displayed in the picture


I have followed your advice and have replaced the DataPresenterManager with the UXGridView, however I am having issues reproducing some basic functionality that the DataPresenterManager has.  Our objective is to have up to 3 selectable DataTemplates that would be consumed by Rows.

Example of DataTemplates:

1) This would be defaulted when loading the UXGridView

Click to see image

2)   Once a UXButton on the UXPage that contains the UXGridView is pressed, the RowTemplate would change to show this,

Click to see image

How can we achieve this?

Each Journal can only have one Journal Type.  I'm sorry if I was not clear on the relation but it is one to one.

Is there no way to display anything other than a string in the Presenter Manager?

Posted: February 8, 2013 9:55 AM

I am also having the Backstage placement issues in my project.  Please let me know as soon as a fix is available.

This looks great.  But when is the expected release date for 7?  And can MEF be used with ClientUI as long as we dont export/import views?


Thank you,


I need to change the AppYear, AppTypeDescription, EEAckknoledged lables.  During the column generation I roll through the onGeneratingColumn event and change the header so it is a friendly name.  I need to do the same with the group lables in the grouping pane.


Sorry for the confusion, this is what I am trying to change..

The actual names of the group descriptors are stored differently then I display as my header. This is because of the way the data is loaded.


I could not get this to work.  I used this method to modify the UXGridView's Selected Row Background color fine, however when trying to edit the display text it did not work.
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