Red-wave text highlight mode.

WebSpellChecker introduces more natural, intuitive way to perform spell checking with red wave highlight feature. To correct misspelled words, just right click on each word and choose the correct word from the displayed context menu. It makes spell checking faster and easier than ever. The red wave highlight feature can only be enabled on editable IFRAME.

Sleek-dialog style mode

This mode will be automatically enabled when the target control is not an editable IFRAME. The dialog box interface includes visual elements that display checked words and the suggestion words list. Just double click on a word in suggestion list or click on the Change button to correct the misspelled word with the selected suggested word, and finally click on Done button to accept all changes and close the dialog box.

Sleek-dialog style mode

Maximum text suggestion.

You can configure the number of maximum text suggestion for each misspelled word by specifying the MaximumTextSuggestion property to an integer value. The default value of maximum text suggestion is 10.

Various WebSpellChecker actions

WebSpellChecker provides 4 actions on a mistyped word, Change, Add to Dictionary, Ignore, and Ignore All.

“Change” action will simply replace the mistyped word with the selected suggested text. “Add to dictionary” is a handy feature when editing technical content or journal with various jargons. It simply lets end user to add his own word into WebSpellchecker’s dictionary. “Ignore” and “Ignore All” share a similarity. “Ignore” lets end user to ignore a mistype word and consider it as a correct. WebTextEditor will skip to the next word. When the same ignored word is found later, it will still be marked as a mistyped word. “Ignore All” basically instructs WebSpellChecker to ignore one specific word in the entire content.

Use WebSpellChecker with other controls

Use WebSpellChecker with other controls

WebSpellChecker is not only designed to work with WebTextEditor, but also other controls. Simply assign two properties and it will perform spell checking on the specified control automatically.

client-side events and APIs.

Comprehensive collections of client-side events and APIs are also offered to provide more advanced control and configuration. It literally lets you perform any necessary processing elegantly.

Customizable image elements and text settings

WebSpellChecker is also highly customizable. You can change the visual and textual elements, from misspelled highlight line to the buttons’ text.

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