Rich Data Display Format

Design your custom card-layout

WebGrid's powerful row rendering engine supports blazing fast display speeds for even the most complex row structures. Use the built-in column designer in Component Designer to create sophisticated custom ColumnSets and link them to your data. Rendered in the same table hierarchy, ColumnSets typically generate 25% smaller output size than other data grids, resulting in faster performance. With full support for existing features such as grouping and sorting, ColumnSets offer an unprecedented combination of design time ease and runtime power and flexibility. The result is a professionally designed data grid that looks just the way you want it to, while still delivering all the performance your users demand.

Design your custom card-layout

Row preview

The same innovative technology that powers ColumnSets can be used to display a Preview Row. This feature gives you the ability to create row previews similar to those in Microsoft Outlook® auto preview mode – but that’s just the beginning. A host of settings enables you to customize elements such as the display style, expander image, and default expansion state.

Row Preview

Automatic column fitting

WebGrid provides two approaches to column auto-sizing. In ProportionalWidth mode, each column width is recalculated based on its percentage of the total WebGrid width. In AutoColumnWidth mode, only the columns in which AutoWidthCol property is set are resized to fit into the grid's width, allowing you to leave more important columns untouched as others are reduced in size.

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