Classic paging options

Three built-in user interface styles are available for use with the classic paging feature. The default is FirstPrevNextLast, which displays the standard VCR-style navigation buttons, and a handy dropdown menu. When screen real estate is limited, SimpleDropDown style provides full navigation power with a compact footprint. For a more modern look, the Slider style provides paging buttons as well as a direct-access slider control that provides fast access to specific pages.

ClassicPaging™ options

VirtualLoad™ paging mode

With VirtualLoad™ paging you can stay one step ahead of your users. As users move through pages, this feature looks ahead to request not only the currently required page, but also the pages likely to be needed next. Previously displayed data is retained, allowing pages of data to be presented with fewer trips to the server. VirtualLoad™ is now enhanced to work seamlessly with grouped rows in Client Binding mode. Learn more

Virtual Load paging mode

Fully compatible with all WebGrid features

Although a recent addition, WebGrid's paging system has been rigorously tested in a wide variety of scenarios. From the basic functions of Add, Edit and Delete, to more complex features such as Sorting and Filtering, Multiple Grouping, and Load On Demand, both VirtualLoad™ mode and ClassicPaging™ mode have been subjected to extensive real-world environments. Special emphasis has been placed on runtime features and data-heavy scenarios, ensuring that what works in the lab performs flawlessly in real life.

Fully compatible with all WebGrid features

Flexible custom paging mode

Enjoy complete control over paging with WebGrid with custom code. This advanced feature can be crucial in situations where optimal performance depends on a tight reign over data retrieval. Supported by both the ISDataSource and ObjectDataSource components, a straightforward, yet powerful, implementation process will have you fully customizing WebGrid data paging in mere minutes.

Powerful paging API

ClassicPaging's rock solid foundation enables you to incorporate powerful, robust paging in your web applications. The most comprehensive API available for custom paging behaviors, it is surprisingly easy to learn and simple to use. But don't take our word for it—test drive the live sample and see for yourself.

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