New runtime enhancement for sleeker and more intuitive user interface.

Improved user interface

As one of the most important aspects besides the advanced features, WebGrid Enterprise 7 comes with various user interface enhancement, such as: a special paste context menu to complement the SmartBatchUpdate feature and new adaptive status bar.

A special paste context menu is provided for the easiness of inputting multiple rows of data in WebGrid Enterprise. End user can conveniently copy multiple rows from external data, such as: Microsoft Excel, and paste it in one click to WebGrid as multiple new rows.

The new adaptive status bar is intended to give end user a quick access to the most used WebGrid’s features, for example: paging navigation buttons, batch update operation button, exporting button, an indicative WebGrid status, and many more. In a simple property set of the corresponding feature, the complete sets of action buttons will be shown in the status bar.

Improved User interface

Enhanced integration with WebCombo

Since its initial release, WebGrid is best known for its high interoperability, especially with other Intersoft WebUI Studio family, such as: WebCombo. In this new version, WebGrid and WebCombo integration is enhanced to support more advanced scenarios in custom and image column type.

When a WebGrid column is set to display custom image, you can use WebCombo to allow user edit this type of information better. When WebCombo is used in Custom column type, WebGrid automatically map the cell’s value to the text field of WebCombo, while maintaining default inline editing behavior.

Enhanced integration with WebCombo

Default style merging

Default Style is a feature introduced in WebGrid Enterprise 5 which enables you to change WebGrid’s overall style in a single property set. However, the limitation of the approach is that you are unable to customize the style easily. The new Default Style merging feature is to address this specific requirement. It enables you to use the Default Style and customized it in any ways you like. To enable Default Style Merging feature, simply set AllowDefaultStyleMerging property to true. This new property can be found in LayoutSettings object.

Default style merging

New client-side events for inline editing

With strong focus in data editing enhancement, WebGrid 7 enables developers to have greater control and customizability over the editing process by introducing four new client side events. Please visit the online WebGrid documentations to see the complete client-side events in WebGrid Enterprise 7.

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