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WebGrid blends raw performance and breathtaking visuals to deliver an unprecedented Web 2.0 experience that rivals powerful desktop applications. Countless innovative runtime features combine to create a more accessible, responsive, and effective way to visualize and manage data. With more methods to present and manage the fundamentals of sorting, grouping, and filtering; and new solutions to the problems presented by access to remote data stores, WebGrid brings advanced data capabilities to web-based applications.

Multiple sorting options

WebGrid enables your client to easily sort their data in three modes: ascending, descending, and unsorted. Simply click on a column header (a small icon indicates the sort mode) and all data inside WebGrid will be instantly refreshed without postback. WebGrid also supports multi-column sorting and in hierarchical mode, tables can be sorted at multiple levels.


Organizing grid data into groups has never been easier — simply drag a column header into the Group Box. The current Group hierarchy is displayed above the column headers, and columns can be ungrouped by dragging them from the Group display back to the column headers. The same actions can be performed from a context menu by right-clicking either a column header or the Group display line. Groups can also be created programmatically, and offer advanced features such as column totals, multiple grouping levels, and grouping by time periods.


With an exhaustive set of filter options and the ability to filter data in real time, WebGrid delivers relevant search results more quickly than ever before. Standard range and match filters for individual or groups of columns are easily created, removed, and suspended from directly beneath the column headers. With Automatic Filter Suggestion enabled, users can even receive filter suggestions based on the value of the current filtered cell.

Optimized page size with DefaultStyle NEW

Give your pages a consistent, professional look, and reduce their size and load time by using a DefaultStyle. Choose between the cool Windows 7 theme, Bold Black theme, Metal Silver theme, Classic Brown theme, or the Elegant Blue theme. Because the DefaultStyle is built directly into the WebGrid, no additional CSS is required, reducing page size up to 70 %, and dramatically increasing page load speed. personalization.

Customized styles

The appearance of WebGrid is fully customizable, with nearly every visual aspect under your complete control. A rich library of programmable UI elements makes it a breeze to create your own customized look. Whether the goal is to create a brand new, cutting edge design, or to seamlessly blend new functionality into an existing web page, WebGrid gives you the power to make it happen.

Powerful rendering engine for rich data display

Easily build complex multi-level row structures with the ColumnSet Designer. WebGrid’s powerful rendering engine allows these rich data structures to be treated as a single row, and uses an innovative “Root Row” mechanism to achieve unprecedented runtime performance and flexibility. Combined with the unique PreviewRow capability, you can use this powerful feature to create Outlook-style preview rows.

Smart context-menu NEW

Let user works with their data more naturally and intuitively with the built-in context menu engine. , which is deeply integrated into WebGrid’s user experiences – from basic data editing, exporting, filtering, to copying the entire WebGrid’s table, editing and many more.The lightweight context menu is also designed to automatically recognize the current WebGrid’s element, enables users to easily access on commands related to current UI context. For example, right clicking on WebGrid’s column header will display all actions related to column operation, such as sorting, grouping, filtering, and more. Additionally, WebGrid offers wealth configuration and customization on the context menu for better personalization.

Custom styles library

Creating custom styles for WebGrid is so easy, we’ve designed nine of them for you already. Choose from the bold and daring look of Colorful, the mesmerizing 3D effect of Gradient Enterprise and Gradient Silver, or the soothing, restful tones of Blue.

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