OnTheFlyPostBack® Technology

OnTheFlyPostBack® for fast AJAX callback

Developed in 2002, Intersoft's patented OnTheFlyPostBack® is an AJAX-like engine implemented in all WebUI Studio products. This sophisticated engine powers many WebGrid features which require server callback, enabling transparent data retrieval from the server in the background as users move between pages. Unlike many other AJAX implementations, OnTheFlyPostBack® fully supports all ASP.NET framework scenarios, and automatically saves and restores control viewstates.

Child row state preservation

With RestoreExpandedChildRows enabled, WebGrid will remember and restore the checked and expanded states of all rows during a flypostback action. Users can take any action, such as sorting, refreshing, or filtering – WebGrid will faithfully restore all rows to their previous condition. This unique WebGrid capability applies to all rows, no matter how deeply they are nested, preserving the integrity of your user’s current view of their data regardless of the actions they take.

Integration with WebFlyPostBackManager

Manage postbacks and more with WebFlyPostBackManager, Intersoft’s powerful replacement for the standard AJAX Update Panel. With WebFlyPostBackManager, invoking server-side methods from the client is as easy as writing a single line of code. Say goodbye to wrapper functions and tedious interface implementation – with WebFlyPostBackManager, full access to server-side functionality is at your fingertips. Easily deployed via SmartWebResources technology, it automatically converts standard postback action to FlyPostBack. WebFlyPostBackManager even takes you a step further, adding support for partial updates to Intersoft components, providing an unprecedented level of control over asynchronous client updates. Click here to learn more on the powerful WebFlyPostBackManager .

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