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Easily create professional layouts for your ASP.NET applications

WebPaneManager puts you in control of the screen, providing all the tools you need to develop layouts that organize your applications content and give it a consistent, professional appearance. ClickAndEdit and ClickAndSelect technology make building even complex layouts a breeze.

Automatic content resizing and collapsible panes

Automatic content resizing is a unique feature which automatically adjusts the content’s size when a pane is resized. Expand-collapse is a feature which enables users to show or hide a pane dynamically.

Handles highly complex layouts

WebPaneManager’s strong object model foundation provides a clear separation between Group and Pane, enabling the consistent display of highly complex nested Layout Grouping. Add Panes or create Layouts dynamically from code behind, and even save and load the structure as an XML file.

Predefined styles

WebPaneManager provides several popular themes, such as Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Vista. Simply use Component Designer to select your preferred style, which is applied automatically to all WebPaneManager elements.

Easily add interactive images and text captions

Customize almost every single element in WebPaneManager – add interactive images and text captions, frame loader, and much more. Additionally, WebPaneManager also provides two content mode options – Inline and iFrame – and allows the iFrame’s background color to be set to transparent.

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