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Add full-featured menus to your web applications

WebMenu features include: auto-adjust to browser size, unlimited submenus with intelligent positioning, automatic vertical item scrolling, sticky behavior, and mnemonic key support.

Visually engaging style and interactive animations

WebMenu enhances the interactivity of your web applications with a choice of attractive visual styles, effects, and animations. Combine a shadow effect with a smooth fading or sliding animation to add a high quality, professional menu system to your ASP.NET application.

Handles highly complex layouts

Enhance the accessibility of your ASP.NET applications

Intersoft WebMenu delivers a real desktop menu experience with support for mouse and keyboard use in both docked menu bars and context menus.

Enhance The Accessibility

Highly configurable designs and behaviors

WebMenu simplifies the process of menu creation and styling. Its designer provides quick access to an extensive set of visual and behavioral properties, enabling you to easily create and customize menu systems in minutes.

Blends perfectly with your existing web applications

WebMenu is can be used as a standalone menu system, or integrated with WebDesktop. When integrated into WebDesktop applications, all style and appearances will be inherited from WebDesktopManager, creating a more consistent interface. For more complete control, Complex Image support allows you to customize every pixel of the menus for seamless integration into existing application styles.

Rich client-side API and events

WebMenu offers a rich client-side API that puts you in complete control of menu display, item selection and enabling, item text and checked state, and images. Its comprehensive event support provides access to every aspect of user interaction with menus and menu items. Menus can be constructed programmatically at client-side, and even loaded from XML structures.

HTML5-compliant context menu

The enhanced WebContextMenu now includes more comprehensive HTML5 support. This means that you can now consume WebContextMenu in your standards-compliance, HTML5 doc type. All user interface aspects such as the menu positioning, layout, and even the animation are perfectly measured.

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