Easy icon window navigation.

Easy Icon Window Navigation

Create a breathtakingly beautiful desktop environment that’s instantly familiar to Windows users. WebDesktopManager replaces text and image links with perfectly rendered icons. A single click opens windows, which can easily be moved and resized, automatically adjusting the contents to the new window size. A convenient taskbar allows navigation between windows.

Stunning animated effects

A visual masterpiece, WebDesktopManager combines perfectly rendered elements, striking shadow and transparency effects, and smooth animations and transitions to create an unsurpassed user experience. The minimal CPU and memory footprint of WebDesktopManager ensures that even slower computers can still have a slick, modern desktop.

Stunning Animated Effects

Full mouse and keyboard support

With full support for both mouse and keyboard, users are free to interact with their desktop in whatever style suits them.

Intelligent features

WebDesktopManager is designed to cover widest possible range of use scenarios with features such as the ability to block user interaction when a window is busy. Another useful feature is the iFrame transparency loader, which allows the ContainerStyle of the window to override the background color of the loaded web page.

Highly configurable desktop elements.

Highly configurable shortcut, taskbar, and window settings

WebDesktopManager employs an object-based approach to give you granular control over every visual aspect of its elements. Offering a rich set of properties to control shortcut, icons, taskbar, and window elements, it enables you to create the precise appearance your desktop requires with a minimum of effort. No CSS coding is required to control dynamic elements behaviors.

Blocking user interactions in busy mode

WebDesktopManager includes the ability to programmatically force a WebDesktopWindow into Busy mode. When in Busy mode, the window displays an hourglass cursor and will not accept user input. Busy mode provides a handy way to lock a window while performing lengthy operations.

Shadow mode support for window moving and resizing

Window placement and resizing offers shadowing mode, which leaves the actual window in place until the operation is complete—moving only a “shadow” of the actual window. Unlike the default Physical Interactivity mode, Shadow Interactivity mode is significantly faster, enabling a smoother window action when moving or resizing.

Content modes

WebDesktopManager offers two content modes: the default UseInlineContent mode uses the content defined in the template within the page itself, while UseiFrame mode uses an iFrame as the content source. When using an iFrame, you can easily select the web form assigned to each window from within the Visual Studio 2005/2008 IDE.

Client-side constructible objects

In addition to WebDesktopManager’s breakthrough server-side technologies, this powerful feature enables you to create and extend objects programmatically on the client side for unrivaled power and flexibility.

Extensive client-side events

Client-side events offer a great level of extensibility, enabling you to integrate your own logic in response to specific actions. WebDesktopManager offers 17 client-side events, from context menu, control initialize, shortcut select and create to window events such as create, move, destroy, and resize.

Predefined styles and themes

Adding a new event doesn’t get any easier: select a range of cells, release the mouse button, and enter the event details. Setting a single property in WebScheduler enables this powerful feature. Take it for a test drive now – explore the interactive demo and see for yourself how easy scheduling can be.

High performance driven by an advanced architecture

DesktopManager’s advanced architecture brings unmatched performance to window movement, resizing, and animation effects. Easily configure animation by specifying options in the EnableAnimation property.

Master pages support

All components in WebDesktop fully support Master Pages in ASP.NET 2.0. Use WebDesktopManager components in either single or nested Master Pages.

Simple but powerful WYSIWYG editor.

WebDesktop uses Component Designer 2 as the editor for all visual components in the collection. With its slick Vista-style dialog boxes and appearance, Component Designer creates a consistent interface to improve usability and productivity. The latest Component Designer features a redesigned interface providing better layout management, an improved Layout Manager, and enhanced Structure Manager which includes an XML Preview.

Fully ASP.NET 2.0 ready

Like all WebDesktop components, WebDesktopManager is built on the .NET 2 Framework, taking advantage of the many new features available in ASP.NET and C# to deliver improved performance in its suite of secure, scalable, and reusable components.

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