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Integrate to FormView

WebTextEditor can be integrated in FormView control.

In this topic, you will learn how to integrate WebTextEditor in FormView.

To integrate WebTextEditor in FormView

  1. Create a FormView with customer data bound from Northwind.mdb.
  2. In EditItemTemplate and InsertItemTemplate, drag the WebTextEditor instance from the Toolbox to the EditItemTemplate of FormView.

  3. Set the EnableHTMLView property to false and EnableSplitView property to false under ViewSettings; ToolbarMode property to Minimal under ToolbarSettings; Enabled property to False under TaskPaneSettings >> MediaGallery, for both WebTextEditor in order to have a simpler look.
  4. Set the content property in WebTextEditor to bind the FormView field in the source view. Here is the snippet:
    <ISWebTextEditor:WebTextEditor ID="WebTextEditor1" runat="server" Height="200px" Width="500px" Content='<%# Bind("Address") %>'>
            <MediaGallery Enabled="false" />
        <ViewSettings EnableHTMLView="false" EnableSplitView="false" />
        <ToolBarSettings ToolBarMode="Minimal" />
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