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Meticulously crafted, Premium House app allows property owners to easily advertise their owned real estate properties to the rest of the world. Taking only 1 month of development time, Premium House is now live on both the iOS App Store as well as Google Play Store. Incorporating native views and lightweight data footprint, the Premium House app performs extraordinarily well under low data bandwidth. After all, it's powered by Crosslight.

On iOS and Android.

Built with Crosslight, Premium House app works consistently with the 100% shared UI logic for both platforms.

Embracing the mobile era.

The growing number of population, especially in Indonesia's capital city, Jakarta and its neighbouring proximity, has led to an increase of demand in finding affordable houses and apartments in strategic locations. With the growing number of real estate agents offering various properties in many different areas, prospective owners have trouble finding their future homes. This is where Premium House excels at. Embracing the mobile era, Premium House fully understands the needs of today's business by putting the properties right into the prospect's hands.

Gorgeous Carousels.

Just by simply tapping on a property, users are presented with a beautiful carousel that contains an assorted list of images, showing better parts of their property. This way, they can have better understanding of the offered property just by looking at the images, resulting in a very time-efficient process, eliminating unwanted expectations upon visiting the property.

Visually-packed Information

In the modern era where everything has gone visual, textual content can no longer accommodate the human desire to perceive things visually. By presenting rich visual and information-packed content into the property detail, users can easily obtain all information regarding a property, including how many rooms the property has, as well as the provided furnishings with the purchased/rented property, which are beautifully represented with intuitive icons.

Quick Actions.

If the prospect feels interested after checking out a property in the app, one can easily schedule a meeting with the property agent with just a simple tap that is available on the top or the bottom of the property detail.

Technical Features

Let's take a look some of the key features of the Premium House app that allows it to deliver unparalleled user experience.

Home Screen

Right after the home screen loads up, users will be presented by three image carousel views. The top carousel shows the highlights, while the middle carousel presents the recommended apartments and the bottom carousel displays the recommended houses. This way, users can be presented with great visual experience right when they fire up the app.

Comprehensive Search

The comprehensive search allows users to easily look for the property of their dreams. Users can search for apartment for rent, house for rent, or even both. Users can also look for properties near to their location, thanks to the Crosslight built-in location service. Or, they can simply search based on the city and area of their interest. On iOS, the search form employs a beautiful blurred view where the content silhouette is still apparently visible, conforming to the beautiful aesthetics of iOS.

Pinpoint Property Location on Map

In addition to the comprehensive property detail, Premium House app also features a built-in map view that allows users to quickly pinpoint its exact location on a map. This will greatly save time in finding the property. On Android, you can view the location using Google Maps or other apps that support the Map intent, such as Waze and give users turn-by-turn navigation.

Project Delivery

Delivered in a total development time of 1 month, the app is now live at the Play Store as well iOS App Store.

Intersoft Solutions has done an exceptional job in building Premium House. In just 1 month, my app is now live at the Play Store and App Store.
Thanks to their excellent professional services, we're now effectively expanding our business to reach more users in Indonesia.

Leo Ferdinand

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