News is in the DNA.

An ultra-fast news reader for the digital age.
Publishing hundreds of articles every day, DNA News has been the leading news provider for hundreds of customers in the North Sumatra region, providing high quality news for consumers of the digital age.

Forefront Pioneer in News.

Embracing the digital era, DNA News has been the leading the provider of high-quality articles for the people of North Sumatra. Short for Digital News Access, DNA News was created as an unbending commitment to build an online media that is truly indispensable for the modern audience and is committed to provide redaction styles that breathes fresh air into the online news journalism.

Everyone is a Journalist.

Unlike any other news reader app, DNA News believes that everyone can be a journalist. Leveraging citizen journalism, DNA News allows everyone to contribute to the news feed quickly and easily. The citizen journalism concept allows for any local news to be spread out quickly to a certain localized area, which is perfect for the targeted North Sumatra region.


As technology grow more and more mainstream towards common customers, people have begun to appreciate simplicity and ease-of-use for an application that they use. We'll see how we've tackled these challenges in the applied design principles.

Key Design Principles

To design a very sleek-looking news reader app, we have embraced several key principles that make up the definition of a modern news reader app.

Blur Aesthetics.

The most fundamental principles of a highly functional app is the ability to provide clear navigation hierarchy for the users. Unlike traditional navigation drawer, a nice, blurred blue background depicts the nature and corporate branding of DNA News, allowing for a stronger brand experience used throughout the app.

Optional Login.

To be able to enjoy DNA News completely, one does not have to perform login. This principles leverages the guest mode that allows people with no login credentials to be able to enjoy the app immediately. The login functionality is required if only one would like to contribute to the citizen journalism.

Facebook-style Like and Commenting.

If you liked a news, you can just perform a like. If you want to add or say something to the news, you should be able to comment about it immediately. The concept should be clear and simple, while not sacrificing the usability of the app. You can do so straight from the news feed list itself.

Technical Features

Not only it is a beauty from outside, but the function is also a beauty from inside. Let's take a look at some of the features.

Message Input View.

The heart of the Facebook-style commenting is a new control we've introduced in Crosslight 3: the Message Input View. The message input view control allows users to easily comment on a news, with beautiful slide animation and carefully calculated translations. With auto-rotation support, using the app in both portrait and landscape mode are a breeze.

100% Sharable UI Logic.

The power of Crosslight has enabled the development team to complete the iOS app In just 2 weeks. Add another week to it, we've finished the Android version. The UI logic is 100% sharable, while conforming to the strict human interaction guidelines of each platform.

Snap. Write. Post.

With the use of Crosslight's integrated mobile services, users can easily snap a photo right off the phone and immediately compose a new post for it. This allows for faster news delivery in contribution to citizen journalism.

Project Delivery

In just 3 weeks, both of the applications are now live at the App Store and Play Store.

Visit DNA News's website at

Intersoft delivers DNA News in a very polished way and with great performance, within a fraction of the time. Thanks to their professional apps development services, now my app is live in the App Store and Play Store.

Jesslyn Yap
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