webtexteditor media gallery insert image from computer problem

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i am using the webtexteditor to edit some html page. inorder to add new images i am using media gallery to insert image from my computer. But most of the times i am getting the error. Here i am giving the code i especially using for uploading and screen shot of the error message i am getting

 protected void Pre_Initialize(object sender, EventArgs e)

WebTextEditor1.FileUploaderSettings.Enabled = true;
WebTextEditor1.FileUploaderSettings.DefaultUploadPath = "image-new/";
WebTextEditor1.FileUploaderSettings.DefaultUploadMediaResource = "image-new/";

WebTextEditorMediaResourceGroup wtemrg = new WebTextEditorMediaResourceGroup();
wtemrg.Name = "BImage";
wtemrg.Text = "CImage";
wtemrg.GroupResourceVisible = true;

WebTextEditorResource rmg = new WebTextEditorResource();
rmg.Name = "Image";
rmg.AllowUserUpload = true;
rmg.SearchInChildFolder = true;
rmg.Text = "AImage";
rmg.Url = "image-new/";


WebTextEditor1.LoadContentFromFile(Server.MapPath("Template/"+ Session["template"].ToString()), true);


thanks and regards


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