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John BoninMember

I have apage with two grids on it and both appear and function correctly.  Now I want to put the grids within tabs so that only one grid is displayed at a time (both are created and populated at the same time) and the user needs to click on the tab to see the other grid.  I am using jQuery UI Tabs.  The one issue I have using the grids this way, is the second grid doesn't so the Status Bar.  In order to get the status bar to appear, the user needs to do some action, like sort a column, first and then status bar appears.  Is there a way to get the status bar to appear on the second grid without having the user do some action first?

Attached is an example of this issue.  This is using the 2017 samples.  Run the page and look at the grids on the first 2 tabs.  The grid on the first tab has the status bar and the second grid on the second tab is missing the status bar.

Forgot to mention that in the attached I replace the jQuery tabs with the WebTab control.

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