date filed error from data table return using flypostback

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i have gone through the DataTable return from webservice using flypostback manager.

I have found one error in this example. if the data field contains date coulumn, the returning value have incorrect month. Can you please check the case with the following given code which used to create a datatable and return from webservice . (in WebServiceSample .cs file of flypostback example)


Dim dtCust As New DataTable("Customer")
        dtCust.Columns.Add("CustomerID", GetType(Date))
        dtCust.Columns.Add("FirstName", GetType(String))
        dtCust.Columns.Add("LastName", GetType(String))

        'Dim d As Date = New Date()

        dtCust.Rows.Add(New Object() {Date.Now(), "Maria", "Anders"})
        dtCust.Rows.Add(New Object() {Date.Now(), "Ana", "Trujilo"})

        Return dtCust

is there any solution for this??

thanks and regards


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