How to Use Crosslight to Prevent Closing Modal Navigation on Android

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Jimmy TungolMember


How do you properly use modal navigation on Android without closing the navigation context once a child view has been closed? We have been using StaysModal property for quite some time with iOS to prevent the NavigationService from closing the modal view context. However, this is not the case for Android when the [x] or save icon has been clicked from a form view.

To be more detailed, here's the scenario. Once app loads, an advanced master/detail view is displayed. The initial sequence goes this way (List A.1 » List A.2 » Detail A.1), before the modal context view is loaded. Once on Detail A.1, a user can click a button to load a modal context (nested modal?) in (List B.1 » Detail B.1) sequence. The Detail B.1 was referred to as "child view" in the first paragraph. Closing Detail B.1 should only close itself, and should not include List B.1, which is working as expected on iOS with the help of StaysModal property as seen on the attached screenshot. On Android... well, it doesn't work for us. Please review and confirm this scenario.


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