Using UXCallOut to edit TreeItems

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Hy ClientUI team,

Im trying to use the UXCallOut Control to edit tree items.

My szenario:

On the left side I have a tree (plant tree), on the right side I have my desktop. (see picture_1)

In the normal use case i dont want that the UXCallOut pop up. But when i switch in Plant Tree Edit Mode - i activate this mode with an icon on bottom of the tree - the desktop is disabled and the width of the plant tree is larger. (see picture_2)

in this mode i want to select an tree item - not mouseover - and on the right side a UXCallOut should PopUp with the formular to edit this item. I have different item types, so it is necessary to load different forms to edit the item. it depends on the tree item. (see picture_3)

is such a behaviour possible.

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