Dependency Packages problem

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I've a problem with DependencyPackages. I'm trying to optimize loading xap files based on documentation:

and section: "Loading Optimization and Shared Packages" where it's decribed.

First I've created simple solution with Silverlight composite application that contains three silverlight projects: "StartupExternal" (main), "External1" and "External2".

Then created manually zip file named "" that contains common referenced assembly. Next I've created manually a xml file named: "Applications.xml" that contains informations about application packages and dependencies.

After that i build and run application correctly but when i've removed shared common assemblies form "Externa1" and "External2" manually from xap files or in visual studio by set copy
local to false for common asseblies references, application did not working.

After startup sl application it's thrown exception: ".XamlParseException: The type 'VideoPlayer' was not found".

I attach my vs solution. What I'm doing wrong? Any idea? Any help would be appreciated.


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