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BUILD 2.0.1000.221
Released on Mar 17, 2010
Enhancement: Added the ability to disable mouse wheel scrolling in WebCoverFlow.
Error will not occur when RefreshUIElement is invoked during a button click action (#630).
BUILD 2.0.1000.219
Released on Oct 26, 2009
Enhancement: Supports medium trust hosting permission.
BUILD 2.0.1000.218
Released on Oct 09, 2009
Enhancement: Added CloseStackButton API to programmatically close currently open stack button.
Enhancement: Added FreezedButton property to determine the current open stack button.
BUILD 2.0.1000.217
Released on Sep 01, 2009
New Scenario Supported: Support Silverlight 3.
New Scenario Supported: WebFishEye and WebCoverflow now support binding to Microsoft .NET RIA Services through Element-to-element binding architecture in Silverlight 3.
New Scenario Supported: Support Intersoft DataSource control in WebFishEye.
Enhancement: Support Out Of Browser in WebAqua.
Fix HtmlPage_NotEnabled error when drag drop WebCoverFlow control in Expression Blend.
BUILD 2.0.1000.216
Released on Jul 09, 2009
Enhancement: Added EnableStartupAnimation property in WebFishEye that specifies whether or not startup animation should be enabled.
BUILD 2.0.1000.213
Released on Jan 30, 2009
Fix incorrect Silverlight installer URL referred from browsers in machines that has not installed Silverlight.
BUILD 2.0.1000.212
Released on Dec 02, 2008
Enhancement: Compatibility with WebUI.NET Framework 3.0.5000.605.
Unable to change font color in WebCoverFlow.
BUILD 2.0.1000.211
Released on Oct 29, 2008
New Scenario Supported: Added PerformAutoHide and AutoShow methods in WebFishEye.NET to enable and disable AutoHide features programmatically.
New Scenario Supported: In WebCoverFlow.NET, the built-in full screen button can now be replaced with custom button.
New Scenario Supported: WebCoverFlow now supports item template while enabling VirtualFlow (Load-on-Demand) at the same time.
Enhancement: Improves performance to flow logic and animation.
In the first load of WebCoverFlow.NET, spacer area is incorrectly rendered at the right side.
Clipping issue occurs when WebFishEye.NET for ASP.NET is docked to left and right.
BUILD 2.0.1000.210
Released on Oct 16, 2008
Support for Silverlight 2.0 RTW
BUILD 2.0.1000.207
Released on Sep 19, 2008
When stack button in WebFishEye.NET is opened, the silverlight area will be expanded according to the height of the stack button only.


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BUILD 1.0.1000.112
Released on Sep 19, 2008
New Scenario Supported: Added TargetURL and TargetWindow property in WebCoverFlow.NET.
BUILD 1.0.1000.111
Released on May 08, 2008
New Scenario Supported: WebCoverFlowItem can use querystring in Url.
New Scenario Supported: Added OnActiveItemClick client side event, which gets and sets the event handler when an active item is clicked.
BUILD 1.0.1000.105
Released on Apr 01, 2008
Enhanced WebFishEye.NET to work better and more stable in Safari Mac, Firefox Mac and Firefox Windows.
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