DealerPoint.NET from Volvo

DealerPoint.NET is Volvo’s web-based application to support all dealers across the world, used in 28 countries by over 5,000 users daily.
Volvo’s primary challenge is to provide a fully functional web based suite of software tools that support a diverse set of business processes across 28 countries with a variety of languages, cultural settings and local modifications. The concentration is on a rapid but cost effective deployment of a central solution to many remote locations without the requirement to install facilities locally whilst giving their users an intuitive tool that they can adapt and use from day one.

Best User Experience

WebUI Studio® gave Volvo Truck the power to revamp DealerPoint.NET rapidly and to exceed their user’s expectations across the board. Intersoft’s built-in AJAX technology and advanced postback functionality provide a responsive and intuitive experience with minimal JavaScript.

Volvo’s next-generation DealerPoint has been completely revamped to use Intersoft’s UI components such as WebDesktop to deliver state-of-the-art, Windows® style desktop interface. With the help of WebUI Studio®, we successfully deliver a new version of DealerPoint which has richer interface and more elegant user experience – exceeding our user’s expectations.

High Performance.

The new DealerPoint’s improved speed is due to Intersoft’s built-in AJAX manager, also known as WebFlyPostBackManager. Used extensively across the application and requiring very little coding, page responsiveness is greatly increased.

The control has some nice features in making asynchronous server-side calls from client-side. The ability it provides to access the controls from the page’s code behind during asynchronous AJAX callback is very useful – enabling us to achieve complex business process in elegant fashion.

Global Scheduling.

Intersoft’s latest WebScheduler control is the state-of-the-art planning tool. In a real-world workshop planning scenario, there is a complex need to manage time allocation and resource management based on the availability and task to be performed. WebScheduler’s timeline view gives a comprehensive view of the total allocation and availability of the resources and also helps inallocating resources and managing jobs using the built-in OnTheFlyPostBack™ technology.

Powerful Data Management

Integrated pivot chart functionality is one of WebGrids’ greatest features. Users rave over this powerful feature that transforms tabular data into graphs and charts in a single click!

Over 500 pages in DealerPoint.NET harness the power of WebGrid to provide advanced data presentation and management. Users can now filter, sort, and group large quantities of data in record time. They also enjoy enhanced filtering, built-in contextual menus, and inline editing that supports WebCombo, WebInput and other Intersoft controls.

On the development side, declarative hierarchical datasource support in WebGrid is a top time-saver feature. It enables us to build complex hierarchical grid that connects to multiple tables in just several property sets – making our development team more productive than ever.

DealerPoint.NET, a 100 percent web-based retail systems to support Volvo dealers across the world. provides Volvo Truck dealers with a unique web-based dealer management facility. It supports critical business processes including Truck Rental, Workshop planning, Customer Contact facilities, Purchasing, Business Intelligence & Vehicle Administration.


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Industry: Automative

Intersoft has helped to give us a competitive advantage in the strongly competitive area of dealer management systems. We have and continue to get strong technical support from Intersoft and we class them as an integral part of our development team. We are looking forward to building and enhancing our solutions in the future and Intersoft is our preferred .NET component supplier.

James Hayes
DealerPoint Development Manager, Volvo Truck

WebScheduler™ from Intersoft enables us to create comprehensive truck rental management through its advanced timeline feature. Its intuitive interface lets users create new booking with a simple drag and drop. It’s a brilliant and amazing tool!

Shahjahan Ansari
DealerPoint Lead Developer, Volvo Truck
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