from Loran S.r.l. is a real time product tracking application developed by Loran S.R.L for 3M Italia S.p.A. that provides accurate and dynamic product monitoring of all 3M medical supplies distributed to Italian hospitals.
Used by 3M employees as well as local hospital staff, delivers more than just streamlined inventory management. It also provides comprehensive, on-demand statistical information for 3M’s medical supplies, as well as manages invoices, DDTs, and more.

The Challenge: Nimble, Custom, Fast

Speed is of the essence for, as it’s required to process million of rows without significant slow downs. In addition to substantial speed, the software had to be extremely flexible, intuitive, and customizable. As performs many functions and addresses multiple business use cases from both hospital staff and 3M employees, a substantial amount of customization was required. Building an application to handle so many sets of requirement could prove extremely difficult and time consuming.

The Solutions: Intersoft WebUI Studio

When Loran S.R.L evaluated development tools for the project, Intersoft’s WebUI Studio was the standout performer. It’s unique and comprehensive component set provided the keys to unlocking solutions to all of the application’s requirements.

In Loran S.R.I.’s tests, WebGrid Enterprise was the hands-down winner for data-handling. Paired with ISDataSource, WebGrid delivers impressive results even with massive data loads, without server bloat or excessive resource consumption. But they didn’t need extensive testing to realize they were on to something special, as Component Designer 2’s intuitive interface provides granular property control with one-click simplicity and almost no learning curve. WebUI Studio was the clear choice.

Rapid Development – Robust Data Handling

Every WebUI Studio component enjoys a similar level of simplicity and elegance in both development and end result. Coding complex and custom properties takes only minutes to engineer in WebGrid Enterprise and WebCombo. Both are fully loaded with advanced features, such as built-in data exporting, comprehensive data source support, native hierarchical data binding, and more. Thanks to the comprehensive server-side events and APIs, we execute custom-code smoothly without hiccups. leverages many of WebUI Studio’s unique features, including the seemingly magical VirtualLoad™ paging that intelligently displays only as much data as will fit on screen until a user requests more. And because it’s powered by the OnTheFlyPostBack™ technology, every data operation is smooth and swift, providing a superior user experience. And the multiple column display enables users to view more information in more ways per data request. And every second counts in mission-critical applications such as

Intersoft Solutions is proud to know that their technology helps power the distribution of essential health care supplies for Italian hospitals. For more information about WebUI Studio, visit

Intersoft WebUI Studio™ has given us the power to develop these tools with its intuitive and fully functional development suite. Now developer’s work is very simplified and our customers are very satisfied.

Nicola Lorusso
Development Manager
Loran S.r.l.

Thanks to Intersoft Solutions, now we are able to develop stable solutions faster. The technical support team is always available and ready to solve our problem. After our first experience, we have upgraded to the latest version of Intersoft’s component. Good work Intersoft! Thanks.

Nicola Lorusso
Development Manager
Loran S.r.l.

3M is a multinational corporation producing thousands of innovative products for dozens of diverse markets. Primarily focused on the healthcare sector, 3M Italia S.p.A is one of the most reliable medical vendors, trusted by many Italian hospitals including Azienda Consorziale Policlinico di Bari, one of the largest hospitals in southern Italy.


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