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ExtendASP needed to expand its line of business services and wanted to build a brand-new shopping cart to handle their business transactions.
ExtendASP was an existing Intersoft customer, and were very interested on how Intersoft build our own website from its desing to its user experience.
Since they need a quick solution for their requirements, they leveraged Intersoft Professional Services to create an entirely new look-and-feel for their website.
Their requirements were for a revamp of the back-end technology and a refresh of the site apprearance, with a user experience that relied much more on interactive and dynamic content.

Clean & Intuitive Design Increase Productivity

Intersoft's design services are famous for the intuitiveness and the visual impact of each page, as you can see here. We believe that clean, stunning, and elegant design drives an experience that is more interactive and user-friendly. Our consultant serivices are fully able to provide quality designs for IT solutions. This allows technologists and developers to foucs on their technology, and not to worry about site design and the various approached to building a dynamic web presence.

In this case, we take greate paints to deliver the highest quality designs and intuitive user experiences - un order to live by our motto - A Better Web Experience. Our design approach is systematic and sequential. This provides not only a clean-and-intuitive user interface, but also an enlivened interactivity with animation effects to demonstrate a heightened attention to eery detail of the user's experience.

I've been using intersoft's tools for years, all I can say is that they have the best tools in the masket and the most professional consultant team. Intersoft helped us redesign our website and shopping cart, and come up with very beautiful and professional result - saving us a lot of time and money.

Eric Hanig
Director Manager ExtendASP Corporation

About ExtendASP

EstendASP was started over 9 years ago with the express desire to create an entirely new experience that would solve the needs of site-hosting and telcommunications firms, and to provide a turnkey private label reseller system that was internationalized for multi-lingual and multi-currency support.

With over 15 years in the site hosting marketplace, the ExtendASP team is intimately familiar with the trials and issues that site-hosting firms experience. Unlike other providers, ExtendASP does not host sites, and never competes with their customers in the hosting business. With the new HMC replacement engine, ExtendASP delivers the best technologies to provide an increasingly expandable system.


1780 Green bay Rd. Suite 204
Highland Park IL 60035
Phone: 847-681-9827
Sales Email: sales@extendasp.com
Support Email: support@extendasp.com

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