HI there,

We have created a grid and already have one id field inside the grid with visible = "false". I was trying to hide another two fields in the same grid with visible = "false" and it hides the columns. But,we also have javascript to get the data from the grid cell on user click and with this I can not accees the data of the grid columns. Basically we are trying to hide the columns data in the grid and display that data in popup when user click on the row.

When I put visible="false" inside the WebGridColumns tag the script throws an error "Cannot read property 'Text' of null". and modal popup comes with the empty value.

But when i remove the visible = "false" modal popup disply the information but columns stay visible. I try using HiddenDataMember property but it did not work and with the width ="0px" a liitel part of colums is visible.

Is there any way we can achive this ?

Any help will be appriciated.